01 June 2008

And she's off...

Well, this has become a summer tradition already in our family! Every summer since Kirstyn turned 2 she has spent a week during June in Arkansas on the farm with my mom and dad (her DeeDee and Pappy). Last year started a new tradition of a week of swimming lessons while she is there. DeeDee and Pappy have a pool at their house that will provide the opportunity for hours and hours of practice this week during lessons. As a matter of fact, the kids officially 'opened' the pool during Mother's Day weekend! My darling husband got the cold privilege of being the adult in the pool with Kirstyn, my nephew Logan, and my cousin's son Carter!

Anyway, we managed to get Kirstyn



and ON THE ROAD with DeeDee.

Have a great week Miss Kirstyn!

Oh and I have to tell you this story! As I was fixing Kirstyn's hair this morning for church, our conversation went like this:

Me: Are you going to miss me?

Kirstyn: YES Mommy! And I will cry too! But DeeDee will say, (in her best DeeDee voice) "You will see Mommy and Daddy soon." And then I will stop crying.

Me: Okay, just don't give DeeDee too much drama.

Kirstyn: I won't Mommy. I PROMISE!

(Don't worry, I warned my mom!)


Stacy said...

Sounds like a fun tradition. I bet she'll have a blast with her grandparents. That's really neat that she'll get swimming lessons while she's there too.

Christina said...

What a fun tradition for her and your parents! But how much you miss her....I've never spent a night away from my girl, except for hospital stays!

Jen said...

What a great tradition!! She'll have tons of fun!! I love the little chat you had with her before she left. Made me laugh. What a cutie!

Oh and I finally got your award posted on my blog! THANKS SO MUCH!!!

Unknown said...

what a great little trip for her...hope she has fun!

Caroline said...

Wow, I really like that way of looking at it (that it's one more paying week of WW). Thanks!

Melissa said...

oh sounds like it is going to be a fun summer!

Unknown said...

What are you going to do with yourself for a week with only one kid? I am sure you will miss her but I bet it will be nice to have some James only time!

Miss July...not...yet said...

How cute is she???? And your dh must be a saint to get in that pool...it looks cold!
So, what do you do w/yourself for a whole week?