30 May 2008

2 Legit 2 Quit!

Look what my rockin' friend Elaine gave me! My FIRST bloggy award! Yeah, apparently she thinks that I ROCK because of all the working out I have been doing and well, I have to say that right now I am so stinking impressed with my commitment that I am inclined to agree with her!

Why did I name my post 2 Legit 2 Quit? Thanks for asking! Well, because right now that is the song that is stuck in my head! Why was I listening to this song? Well, it was track 4 today in my step aerobics class. The step aerobics that I am taking are choreographed by song to be right with the beat of the song (for an HOUR). We do different songs and different arrangements based on the teacher but all of the classes are designed to burn an average of 585 calories (in ONE HOUR)! I have to take these classes because I would NEVER push myself this hard on my own. I also am really enjoying the friends I am making that attend all of these classes with me! Oh and so you know, if step aerobics kills me it will happen during the song "Tequila"! Try keeping up with that beat! Yikes! Every time the instructor changes the song I just pray that is not the next song! :-)

Now I get to pass this award along to the people that I think rock (I think you ALL rock, but I have to choose just a couple!) I am passing this on to some of my favorite fellow 'losers' that are really rockin' in their efforts!

First, is my friend Amanda over at One Day at a Time. I have to say that if it wasn't for all of her progress pictures and her amazing results after just a year on Weight Watchers I would not be as motivated as I am now! Thanks Amanda! I am truly impressed by you week after week!

Second, is my new friend Becky over at Diet Coke and Zingers. When I saw the name of her blog I just knew we would be great friends...and then she started working on giving up Diet Coke *gasp*...at least now I know I am not the only one with a addiction love of diet sodas! Maybe we will get 'sober' together!

Third, is another new friend Jen over at My "Losing" Motivation that is also on Weight Watchers and she has left some very nice and encouraging comments this week.

I am so glad that I have found so many blogs of women that are using Weight Watchers to lose weight and are doing so successfully! Thanks for all of the encouragement! Together we can all meet our goals! You Rock!



Jen said...

Now I'm singing 2 Legit @ Quit over and over! LOL! But, I guess that's not a bad thing right? Great job on your work outs! That's a TON of calories in only 1 hour! YAY!

THANK YOU so much for the award! It's something that is really buoying me up when I need it most! Thank you Thank you Thank you! Any Motivation is GREAT for me! I truly appreciate it! I'll get it posted soon for all to see! THANKS AGAIN Natalie, YOU ROCK!

Christina said...

You DO rock, Natalie! No way I could keep up with that!

Unknown said...

Oh your new bloggy "bling" looks so nice! That's a great song to work out to.

Did you say 585 calories!? Woah! That's a lot!!

Thanks for your kind comment about Zeke...
see you later!

Unknown said...

I think you rock too!!! Your committment is INSPIRING, keep up the good work!

Swizzlepop said...

I just added you to the Exercise Challenge blog roll. You're in for June. Don't forget to check in on Fridays :).

Thanks for joining us!