01 May 2008

Thursday Thirteen - 10th Edition

13 Things that I am Thankful for (in no particular order)...

  1. James is walking! I am thankful for this because it means he will spend less time looking at the floor and ground for things to put into his mouth! Here is a video for you to enjoy! I just had to post this video of my fat naked baby walking because my friend Tracy posted very cute pictures of her adorable rolly-polly baby Jackson in the bathtub and then my other friend Elaine posted video of her little G walking too!

  2. Kirstyn's love of music! I joke all of the time that living with Kirstyn is like living in a musical! She is always making up a song about what she is doing and half the time she is playing her harmonica or another instrument at the same time. She loves to sit at the piano and play notes and sing along. Look at what I found tonight on the piano when I was cleaning up around the house after the kids were in bed! Kirstyn's first song! I am so impressed....

  3. My husband that is willing to work all. of. the. time. in order for me to stay home with our children! If you live in Texas...call him for a quote!
  4. Technology! I love my laptop, cell phone with bluetooth, and the television! :-)

  5. My new business (if you can call it that...)! Check out the blogs I have redesigned for Kami and Stacie! Shameless plug alert: Email me if you are interested!

  6. TOYS! I am thankful that my children have toys to play with...now if I could just figure out how to keep them a little more organized!

  7. My Playgroup! (do you like how I called it My Playgroup...yeah, yeah, we let the kids come to play together but the real reason we have playgroup is so that the mommies can have adult conversations and talk about what we have read on each other's blogs all week! Too funny, I know! Have you met my playgroup? Elaine, Tracy, Jenn, Michelle, Claudia, and Jennifer. We haven't sucked Claudia and Jennifer into the blogging world yet...but we will!

  8. The ability to keep learning! Ignorance is not bliss... Today thanks to some blogs I have been reading, I decided to start tossing plastics that we often eat off of and drink from! If you want more information, read this post on 4 Little Men.

  9. Modern appliances! I 'heart' my dishwasher, oven, microwave, washing machine, and dryer!

  10. My family! My parents are willing to drop anything anytime to drive the 4 hours to come see us! My mom will take off work and make the trip if I really need her...like if I am sick or need a babysitter and can't find one...you name it, she and my dad will take any excuse to come love on my kids!

  11. My church! LABC is where David and I met and have been attending church for over 10 years now! We are about to celebrate our pastor's 35th anniversary with our church...a rare occurrence in most churches!

  12. Blog contests! I just learned that I won a covered composition book from Ornery's Wife!

  13. The best blogging buddies in the world! Thanks for all of the kind comments and encouragement! And thank you blogger for allowing me to embed comments in my posts!
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Stacy said...

Ok, I am so jealous. Layla won't even try to stand without holding on, let alone walk. I really, really want her to start walking.

Anonymous said...

Great things to be thankful for! Happy TT!

She Became a Butterfly said...

excellent positives!

visit my tt -- it's lonely! hehe

Amy Hanek said...

I miss my kids at this age. I used to watch Blues Clues EVERY day and find the hidden snail. I would call up my friend and ask "did you find it?" She didn't always see it - I LOVED that game.

Anyway, my kids are all in school now - well, until summer hits. It's almost easier if they are home more so the summer doesn't so much adjustment.

Like the blog, I will continue to read more.

Us moms have to stick together...

Amy Hanek said...

oops - I meant "isn't" so much adjustment.

Unknown said...

great 13!

I have tagged you. :D

Unknown said...

I was here earlier but probably got distracted before I got to comment, so...

Go James - You and Gavin are going to be gettin' into it together soon! (won't you please read this to him for me?!)

Thanks for the linky-loos!
: )

Homegrown Tribe said...

Thanks for the shout out! :) I love your siggy... I still need to put one up on mine.

Talk to you soon, Brittany

Christina said...

I am so excited to discover some other local bloggers! Yay! Your family sounds so warm and wonderful!

Unknown said...

Where are you girl? Come over and visit when you get a sec, I tagged you - you're it!! HA!

Tracy said...

Love this theme for the TT. I might have to steal it. I have been wanting to a TT but I am not very creative.