26 May 2008

Crazy Busy FUN Weekend!

So, what did you do for your long Memorial Day weekend?

We were very busy and we managed to get in some MUCH NEEDED family time! David actually took the weekend off (with the exception of checking email, returning a couple of calls and stopping by the office to check on things...this is very minimal compared to usual!) and spent lots of quality time with all of us!

Saturday was James' actual FIRST Birthday! We gave him his final present, the big one. He got a very fun basketball goal! He LOVES it and well, so does Kirstyn and David! See...

Then, we went to Joe T. Garcia's for a late lunch in the garden. James and Kirstyn love to eat there because if they are good during the meal they get to play in the fountain!

And what would a Texas birthday be without a Sopapilla covered in cinnamon and sugar! Yum!

Then on Sunday we went to church, came home to eat lunch and change, and then headed off to Six Flags for a fun (and HOT) afternoon!

And what would a visit to Six Flags be without getting to hug some of our favorite characters! (Finding Scooby is always #1 on Kirstyn's priority list!)

This trip to Six Flags also included a MAJOR milestone for Miss Kirstyn. She rode her first BIG roller coaster and then went on to ride her first roller coaster that goes UPSIDE DOWN! Yes, you heard me right. Kirstyn (my 4 year old!) rode two very large roller coasters! We started her on Judge Roy Scream. David rode with her the first time and then when she got off, she wanted to get right back on and ride with me! I am so thankful that the lines were very short! Then, she announced to us that she wanted to ride a bigger one! So, off we went to show her the Shock Wave assuming that she would back out once she saw that it went upside down twice! But, NO, she couldn't wait to get on it. She and her daddy rode this one twice also before we were able to leave the park! I am just thankful that she still enjoys the 'kiddy' rides too so we are able to ride some as a family and include little James.

Are you tired yet? We were. We spent today being pretty lazy. First, this morning we loaded up and went to the gym to work out. I got in an hour and a half of cardio classes and David worked out on his own while the kids had a great time in childcare! Then we came home for early naps! David and I spent a good part of the day cleaning out our closet! I had a good time saying good-bye to all of my size 18 and size 16 pants! I also got rid of all of my shirts that were 3x and 2x! Yeah for needing smaller sizes! I have the back end of my car loaded and ready to make a stop by a donation center tomorrow morning! Then, tonight we went over to the mall for Kirstyn and David to get in a little ice skating time while James and I went on a walk and made a few returns. Then, we had dinner together and came home! Yeah for an easy day!

I hope you had a fabulous holiday too and I can't wait to hear all about it!



Unknown said...

Glad James had a good birthday. And golly! Y'all were busy this weekend!! Looks like the whole family had a great time. Way to go Kirstyn on those roller coasters! That's my kinda girl! = )

Kamis Khlopchyk said...


And so does Kamden after seeing the picture of Scooby Doo!

I was telling him that these are the kids he helped me pick out the rubber duckies for :-)

Happy Birthday James! He is lookign so grown up suddenly, that little man. But oh so darn cute too!

Sorry I haven't been around, the weekend was incredibly busy and I am just caught up now on everythign else. Still working on my google reader though!

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

We had to come back and see Scooby Doo again. Kamden wants to go there so bad. I will be hearing about it all day :-)

Anonymous said...

cute family vacation pics! but someone needs to tell faux wonder woman that her tiara is on upside down. :D