06 May 2008

Tell All Tuesday - Week 4

Well, I had another good weigh in today. To be honest I wasn't expecting a whole lot since I had such a big loss last week! I stuck to the program all week and even did some exercise (not enough yet, but I am getting there...). Anyway, I lost 0.8 this week!

Sorry I have been low on the posting. We had a very busy weekend and I have a busy week planned... We are trying to get ready to go out of town for mother's day weekend, I have to write my MOPS newsletter and get it run off, and I have to finish getting my items together for our MOPS Steering Team garage sale!

Oh and one more thing... Pray that I hold onto my resolve to meet my goal of 20 lbs lost by July! I have 15.2 left to go! This weekend will be hard for me but my mom has promised to help me out as much as she can! We are having a big family reunion at my mom's on Saturday and then another get together at my great Aunt's on Sunday. Mom is fixing hot dogs and chopped beef sandwiches for lunch (she is getting me some fat free hot dogs and whole wheat buns!). Then we are having a big cat fish fry for dinner (she said she would let me bake some and we are going to put some veggies and corn on the grill)! Now, if I can just control myself around all of the yummy homemade desserts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Unknown said...

Congrats on the loss. Desserts are my weakness too!

Christina said...

Congrats! I have just decided just this week that it's time to get serious about losing some weight. I'll wish you luck if you wish me some, too! :o)

Tracy said...

Just remember "A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips." Yeah, I know this means nothing when staring at a yummy desert so just imagine me yelling at you if you put anything bad into your mouth!! GRRRRR!

Unknown said...

0.8 is a loss!! and should be celebrated!! Great job!

Anonymous said...

That's nothing! I have been eating left over frosting here, I really doubt I'm loosing weight, sigh!