26 June 2008

My First Attempt at Yoga!

Okay, well in my efforts to change up my workouts, I got brave and tried yoga!
Well, actually, I had just finished my favorite step class when in walked my friend Shelby for the yoga class that was next. She managed to convince me to stay and try it out. Now keep in mind that I have NEVER tried any yoga and I had no idea what I was getting myself into! I actually enjoyed it in spite of the fact that I am pretty sure that my 'downward facing dog' pose looked more like this
than this!
The fat grandma in the garden was all I could think about while holding that pose, so needless to say I didn't "find my center"...I was too busy trying not to laugh out loud or fall on my face! Stay tuned...who knows what I will try next!
I am really enjoying Body Step (which is very different from regular step aerobics)! What is your favorite exercise???



Kamis Khlopchyk said...

My favourite is Pilates because unlike yoga you don't hold poses but do repetitive motions. I am no good at holding poses... laughing and falling over is more my style :-)

Unknown said...

I've always liked yoga when I have been able to do it. We had a yoga class where I used to work before Gav was born and I would go at least once a week. So relaxing!

I agree with Kami too, pilates is good as well - works the heck out of your core.

Unknown said...

roflmao...I am sure you didn't look like that...but thank you for the giggle.

I don't LIKE any exercise...honestly...but a good walk does me wonders.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy yoga--when it's done. I don't really like it while we're doing it. Last week we actually had an outside yoga class, which was different.

Daiquiri said...

So funny!

I love step aerobics as long as it's not to "dancy". And I recenly tried a pilates video from the libarary, and enjoyed that.

Anonymous said...

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