25 June 2008

Maybe, Just Maybe..

We might have the most laid back calico kitty on the planet! When we got Patty two years ago, she was very tiny and Kirstyn loved and loved on her. She is so patient with both Kirstyn and James. Kirstyn is always carrying her around and recently James has started snuggling with her. If she is laying down napping, he will go over to her and pat her soft and then lay his head down on her. She will just lay there and let him touch her and love on her. Now, if you ever stop by our house to meet Miss Patty, you may not get the chance because she is not as open with strangers, but I am really thankful that she is so kind to my kids! We love you Miss Patty!


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Unknown said...

What a cute picture. So glad that she's so patient with the kids - you are lucky!