05 June 2008

Thursday Thirteen - 12th Edition

Well, for this Thursday Thirteen I thought I would try to think of 13 reasons why I am glad I joined the gym!
  1. I am losing weight again! No more plateau for me!
  2. I am losing inches!
  3. I am sleeping better at night!
  4. I feel more energized during the day rather than sluggish!
  5. My self esteem is increasing (slowly), but increasing!
  6. I am getting a routine down that works for my family.
  7. I don't feel like a caged animal trapped in my house all day!
  8. They have childcare!
  9. My kids love the childcare play time!
  10. My daughter is always asking when we are going back to the gym. (accountability!!!)
  11. The trainers that teach the group classes are VERY encouraging to me!
  12. I am making new friends that are taking the group classes everyday with me!
  13. I earn Weight Watcher Activity Points everyday that I can eat if I choose to. I have earned 46 two weeks in a row! We will see if I get there this week. We are going out of town from Saturday through Wednesday so I will have to get creative!

What is even better I couldn't even think of 13 negatives for joining the gym. The only things I am not enjoying are sore muscles and not having a friend that goes with me. Guess if I stop talking about working out then yall need to get on to me and encourage me to keep it up!

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Candace MacPherson said...

Nice going. #2 is a kick-ass result for all that hard work.

Anonymous said...

I always sleep better and feel more energized the next day when I get to the gym regularly. Good work, happy TT

Unknown said...

It is wonderful to be seeing results! Congrats!

Happy TT!
My 35th Edition
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Always @ The Cafe.

Anonymous said...

hey rat-a-tat nat----

have you thought about posting improvement pictures? you know,...like "before and after" pictures? nothing motivates me more than compliments. hahahah :D

your enthusiasm is contagious. i'd work out with you if i didn't live 3.5 hours away. but keep up the good work!!!

marcia@joyismygoal said...

woohoo good for you that is awesome

Christina said...

that is too awesome! Your enthusiasm is infectious. I think the hardest part would be getting started, but that I'd probably get into a rythem and enjoy it. I certainly would enjoy the results!

We need to see some pictures!!

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

Natalie, I would so go to the gym with you if I didn't live up here in the quasi Artic.

Your hard work is paying off and I couldn't be happier for you!

Go Natalie!

Karen MEG said...

Well YAY for you!!!! I love the gym too ... isn't it perfect when they have childminding and the KIDS love it there as well?

Great TT... and good for you for keeping that up!

kay said...

You go, Girl! And keep us updated!

Unknown said...

Work it girl. I am just having a hard time finding a gym that fits my budget. UGH!

Carey said...

Keep up the good work. It was wonderful getting to talk with you last night. We will have to get together soon.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

That's my baby!!! Keep it up!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on joining a gym Natalie, and what's even better is that you're focusing on all of the positives - that's the way to keep your mind in the game, that's so important. :)