16 June 2008

Delightful Daddy Day!

We had a rather delightful Daddy Day at our house! Kirstyn started the day off by really making David's day. She snuck into our room and woke him up with a kiss and said "Happy Father's Day Daddy". He smiled really big and the look on his face said that no matter what else happened, he was going to have an amazing day! She then came to my side of the bed and told me I needed to hurry to get up because Daddy NEEDED Happy Pancakes! Of course David agreed with her so I had to get moving! I think his favorite present was this picture of the two of them that she had drawn. I think it really looks like them...what do you think?

We went on to church and Sunday school and Daddy was awarded many gifts that included hand prints and foot prints and of course a big handful of Hershey's "hugs and kisses"!
After church we met Mimi and Grandpa for lunch so David could treat his dad to lunch and so Kirstyn could give Grandpa his card and present. She really loves to give gifts and make cards! We also called Pappy to tell him Happy Father's Day and Kirstyn even sang to him!

After we got home from lunch Kirstyn and James gave David a new golf bag and then they 'helped' him organize it! James spent much of the afternoon grabbing golf balls and squealing and running away with them. Kirstyn wanted to know why he had so many of her corn sticks in his golf bag (long story, but you know you are a red neck if...golf tees make great corn on the cobb holders).
Oh and I have to show off this cute bow tie Kirstyn made for David and well, since I didn't do a Mother's Day post I thought I would show you my "Thumbbody Loves You" flower pot that Kirstyn made for me that is now blooming like crazy! I am very proud of myself for taking care of it so well that it is actually flowering. I have to say that Kirstyn is pretty proud of me too!

I could not have asked for a better husband and father for my children! David really is amazing and I love watching his and Kirstyn's relationship. She is such a Daddy's Girl and he loves it!


Christina said...

What a great day. Kristyn's big ol grin just melts me! Such a sweetie.

And I like the golf tees and corn cob holders too - clever!

Unknown said...

Happy (late) Father's Day to David - you can just tell how much he loves his kids!

Unknown said...

very sweet!!!