10 August 2008

Tumbling Camp

Kirstyn spent last week participating in a Tumbling and Dance Camp. She was so excited to wear a leotard and attend camp each day. After the first day she came home talking about snack time (we were told to send a healthy snack and bottle of water each day). She told me, "Mommy, ALL the girls had a healthy snack, no chips or candy or anything junk!" That made me very proud that she was happy and noticed that everyone around her was making good choices.

Then on Friday they had a big Olympic performance for the parents to attend and see all that they had spent the week learning. Kirstyn performed a jazz dance, a ballet dance and a gymnastics floor routine.

After their performance they were awarded a Gold Medal and a Super Camper Certificate.

She had a great week and is now campaigning to attend dance and tumbling there again this fall.

While Kirstyn was at camp, James took the opportunity to get some work done at the office!



Tracy said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Trinity would have a blast!

Unknown said...

Ok, I know that last picture is breakin' some kind of child labor laws, no?

Go Kirstyn!!

Unknown said...

how sweet!

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

Aww, I love that picture of the three of you, all of you are so proud!

And James...what a ham! Takes after his Daddy maybe?!