01 August 2008

Just one of those days...

Okay, so I am having one of THOSE days. Yes, you know the one...the one where you would really like to have a drink before noon but you have these little children following you around demanding things like food and water and clean diapers!

It started out bad cause over night we had one of those Texas summer storms that includes lots more thunder than rain. We really need the rain, not so much the thunder, but anyway, I didn't sleep well and neither did the kids. I might have slept better but my friend Tracy and I decided to try out a new class at the gym yesterday and my shoulder was so sore that every time I moved it woke me up. Anyway, I am sleep deprived and frustrated but I decided that I would get ready to go to the gym again anyway.

Well, I was ready and going to be early when I got a phone call from a friend wanting to talk about something I had said. Yes, my big mouth gets me in trouble a lot. We worked that out and she felt better and I am glad about that cause what I said was not meant to be hurtful in the first place. But well I don't really feel better. I feel like I hate that in order to not hurt peoples feelings that I have to camouflage the real me. You know, I guess it would be better to be opinion free or be unsure of my opinion so that more people would feel happy to be around me, but that is not me and will never be me. I have a genuine heart and love for others and I want people to tell me if I have hurt their feelings, I want to be approachable. I just often feel like I would have to do a lot of tiptoeing to keep from hurting anyone. And again, not really me. So, I spent a good part of my morning crying cause I felt bad and frustrated and a little bit helpless.

Then, I did finally make it to the gym, not early, but on time for my class. It was a totally new routine which would have been lots of fun if I hadn't had so much on my mind. Then ten minutes before my class ended, they came and got a couple of us saying that our babies were being fussy. Well, I think the truth was that they had a lot of kids in there and it is Friday for them too. Anyway, they got a couple of us that have very busy little boys and made their mornings better. So, I had to leave before getting to do any of the ab work or stretching. ugh. Two things I need the most.

Then, James fell asleep on the way home. That would have been great except that Kirstyn, after being told to be silent on her way in decided to scream and surprise my grandmother which woke up James! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I called David crying and he told me that they weren't busy at the office and that I should bring the kids to play with he and Mimi so that I could just sit for a minute. I thought that this might be more trouble than its worth but agreed. I talked to my mom on the way here and that made me feel better too. Then when we drove up at the office Kirstyn realized that the donut shop was still open! Mimi gave her a $5 bill to go over there by herself (it is right next door to our office and they know her). Anyway, she picked out a donut for each of us, even a little donut hole for James. What a kind little girl. So, I proceeded to EAT every. single. bite. of my glazed donut (bye bye 6 points) and enjoyed it immensely. Kirstyn was very proud of her 4 donuts and 2 donut holes and the fact that he gave her 3 monies back for her one! And James took a long nap! (Yes, Jennifer, the 6 point donut will be on my WW journal that I will be showing you on Tuesday...who knows, I may say bye bye to all of my flex points before the day is over...)

Guess the donut and this rant was just what I needed cause I feel better already! I probably would have kept all this stewing inside except that I felt inspired by my new bloggy friend Tara's honesty the other day so I gave this rant a try but I am too lazy to mix in cute kid pictures. Maybe this day will get better! I hope you aren't having 'One of these days'! TGIF!



Tarasview said...

Good for you Natalie!!!

cherish.photography said...


Kamis Khlopchyk said...

Oh Natalie, I know all about getting in trouble for things you say...it happens to me too. I have learned to curb how I say things and I hope that I don't hurt people's feelings unintentionally but who knows?

I think you should just be who you are, because you? Are awesome!

Hope the weekend has shaped up better for you :-)

Unknown said...

I learned very early in my life how to keep my mouth shut...cuz I've watched my mom get into trouble for years with what she said. So I just never say anything.

There are days that I feel I could explode with what I wanna say. Anyways, it was a good rant and I'm glad you feel better and I wonder if perhaps your friend should learn to not take things so personally.

And that donut? Sounds yummy and completely worth 6 points.

Unknown said...

Don't we all have days like this? Yep!

Good for you for only eating ONE doughnut! HA!