05 August 2008

Tell All Tuesday - Week 17

Okay, so today's weigh in is nothing to be bragging about because I was up 1.2. I think it is water and I will have an amazing number next week. See, anyone that has been doing WW for a while will tell you that there is always one week per month where you just go in not expecting anything great because it is that time of month! I know, you are thinking about my emotional eating...well, I stayed within my points anyway and I worked out 5 hours total last week so I am working the program and will continue to see change!

Now, I have also decided to set a goal for myself. I have 20 weigh in Tuesdays between today and my 30th Birthday (December 25th) so I am going to set a goal to reach before my birthday. I want to loose 20 lbs in the next 20 weeks. I think this is a reasonable goal considering I will also have Halloween, Kirstyn's Birthday, and Thanksgiving to enjoy along the way. Also, that 20 lbs will mean two things to me. First, it will put me one pound lighter than I was in the 5th grade (a number I will never forget since the nurse said it out loud in front of some other kids when she was lining us up and weighing and measuring us.)! The second thing that will do is it will leave me with only 30 pounds to lose on my 30th Birthday!

So, please plan to cheer me on for the next 20 weeks.... I know I will need the encouragement to make it to this goal! Chant with me... 20 lbs in 20 weeks, 20 lbs in 20 weeks!

Do you have a weight goal you want to reach before Christmas....it is only 20 weeks away!



Unknown said...

That sounds like a fantastic and reasonable goal! I'll be hear to cheer.

As for me? No higher than 170 will make me happy, which is about what I am now. 160 would be great though.

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

You are a young thing, not even 30 yet! I think that goal is more than reasonable, you have come so far, what's 20 lbs...YOU CAN DO IT!

I love how candid you are about your weight Natalie and I would hurt that nurse personally if I could, really, I would.

I am a chanting over here, can you hear me?!

Anonymous said...

My bday is Dec 20th! :) Only I will be 35! LOL

I think that is a reasonable goal! You can do it!! Look how far you've come already!! :)

I gained a pound last week. Then turned around and lost 3! this week! It was my time of the month last week too. And I knew it was water, because I felt all bloaty!

So you keep that good attitude and keep working out, and you will lose the weight! More importantly: you will FEEL SO GOOD! :-D

Unknown said...

that is a TOTALLY DOABLE goal, and I know you will do it.

Anonymous said...

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thank you.

Kate in Austin said...

I admire your stick-to-it-ness. I need to lose 30 pounds...haven't had the determination that you have. Your reminder that Christmas is 20 weeks away may be the motivation I need! Best wishes. I know you will reach your goal!