13 August 2008

Thursday Thirteen - 14th Edition

Since I have set myself a goal of losing 20 lbs in 20 weeks, I decided that I needed to continue to refine my plan for making this happen.

First, I have a quote that is going to be very helpful to me in the next few weeks:
"The only difference between a wish and a goal is a plan!" Check. I have a goal and I am refining my plan to make this weight loss wish a reality!

Second, one time in our Weight Watchers meeting our wonderful leader Suzy passed out calendars and told us to write down our upcoming events that would present eating challenges so that we would make sure to save our flex points and prepare. What a great exercise! I decided that I needed to do this for the events I am aware of that are between now and my 20th weigh in on December 23rd. So here are 13 obstacles that I have identified.

  1. Restaurant Week (We have reservations at Texas de Brazil for my mom's birthday!)

  2. Ranger Game on Dollar Hot Dog night (~ahem~ I will have to practice portion control rather than thinking about the great deal I am getting!)

  3. Best of Texas Festival at Six Flags

  4. Hoo Rah Days (my mouth starts to water while thinking about the yummy Mexican Street Tacos and Kirstyn always wins at the Cake Walk!)

  5. Taste of Arlington (walking - grazing - walking - grazing)

  6. Halloween (the real problem is that this holiday seems to last a week! Kirstyn and James will have a playgroup party, attend a church festival, and we will all go to Grandpa and Mimi's country club for a big costume party...yes, we are already planning our costumes!)

  7. Kirstyn's 5th Birthday (the "BLT's": Bites, Licks, Tastes while preparing for the party are what will get me in trouble!)

  8. Thanksgiving

  9. Black Friday Shopping (thus, eating on the fly!)

  10. Holiday in the Park at Six Flags

  11. Sunday School Christmas Party

  12. Family Christmas Celebration in Arkansas (this always includes Birthday cake in addition to all of the Christmas candy and desserts because we have so many December Birthdays - my nephew Logan 12/12, David 12/20, me 12/25, my Aunt Marilyn 12/27, my cousin Meredith 12/29, and then my cousin's wife Aneta on 01/01)

  13. David's 30th Birthday (we usually celebrate our Birthdays together and this year is the big Three Zero for both of us!)

What obstacles do you have between you and your weight loss goal?

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Jody W. and Meankitty said...

Tonight my obstacle was veggie pizza and no time to cook healthy food, but other than that I've been doing great this year with WW! Good luck!

Lori said...

Great list...Ive never heard of the BLT thing...cute:) Happy TT and good luck!

Tracy said...

I think you should have no worries. You are one of the most determined people I know and these events WILL NOT stand in your way.

Anonymous said...

What a cool list!

I have totally given up on weight-loss and made peace with my fat! Cos the obstacles are everywhere!

Steph said...

Just stumbled on to your blog and love it. I know you can make it past the obstacles. I plan to check back on your blog from time to time for a little inspiration in my goal to drop at least 80 pounds. I am really tired of carrying them around.

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

You birthday is on Christmas Day?! You and your hubs are so young...I feel old at 4 years your senior :-)

This sounds like a fantastic plan so as to not just throw it all to the wind and say, I'll do it after Christmas! You go girl!

Unknown said...

I always try to think "there's always more birthday cake or sweets" Like I am not really missing anything if I don't partake, you know? It USUALLY helps... (there are times it doesn't matter).

You have a good plan to highlight these things ahead of time.

p.s. also going out for resatuarant week 2x this week...

Unknown said...

wow, they aren't obstacles if you plan for them. :D

get some healthy snacks for your purse and eat those anytime you want to get something else.

You've been tagged, check out my blog, please. :D

Sarah in Disturbia said...

What a great list!! I am hungry now and just ate half of a choc chunk cookie: ) Also love the BLT thing; my problem as well.

You have been tagged by me as well! Check out my blog!!

Tabitha said...

Ooooh, I've had great success with Weight Watchers throughout the last 15 or so years. Now I'm back to it after gaining ten pounds quite suddenly. It is hard work!! Kudos to you for sticking with it!! My dad brought steak over to grill for dinner--that along with mashed potatoes and brownies were a big obstacle! At least I made a fruit salad, right?? :)