17 August 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today, August 17th, is my mom's birthday. For her birthday weekend, mom and dad came to our house for a visit. Kirstyn loves to celebrate birthdays and was very excited to have Dee Dee and Pappy here. We made reservations for Resturant Week at Texas de Brazil for Friday evening. We really enjoyed the resturant and had a great time at dinner! As we are leaving my dad popped off and said, "for that price you should have taken more pictures!" My mom rolled her eyes and told him to shutup and she kept walking toward where the valet was waiting. I laughed and immediately handed my camera to some guy walking down the street. The random man is obviously not a photographer but took a picture of my dad and me anyway! If you don't know my parents they are a funny mix! My dad is very casual and jokes around lots while my mom loves to enjoy finer things and is usually pretty quiet and reserved. For example, The Redneck Tenors is a perfect example of thier 'mix'...my mom loves classical music and my dad loves to listen to Larry the Cable Guy!

My mom also got to enjoy some tax free shopping this weekend. Then this morning, Kirstyn woke me up to get me to fix a cup of coffee for her to take to Dee Dee in her bed. I broke out the travel mug with a tight fitting lid, and off Kirstyn went to wake up Dee Dee. Kirstyn also had me get started on making Dee Dee a special birthday breakfast of waffles and fruit. We topped off the breakfast suprises with a big Happy Birthday balloon at the breakfast table.

Happy Birthday Dee Dee! We are very glad you chose to spend your birthday weekend with us. We love you!!!



Tabitha said...

Aaawww, looks like fun!!! :)
Just FYI, I posted the final result of my wall art trio project!!http://proudgrits.blogspot.com/2008/08/ta-daaaaaaah.html

Tracy said...

I saw your mom today and she said she had a good time too, I am glad you were able to spend time together. Family is the bomb diggity!

Christina said...

Happy birthday, Natalie's mom! Texas de Brazil - yummmmm!

Christina said...

Happy birthday, Natalie's mom! Texas de Brazil - yummmmm!

Unknown said...

awe, happy belated birthday to your mom!

Stacy said...

Aww, what a nice way to spend a birthday!