07 August 2008

A Little Trashy

Okay, so here's the deal. James LOVES to throw things away! He will put anything into the trash that he can pick up and carry there. If we are missing something we know that we should look in the trash to see if James was cleaning! Well, because of James' love of throwing things away, I bought this great new trash can that for over a month now has kept James completely out of the trash! Well, that honeymoon is over! Today James took his dirty diaper to the trash and threw it at the trash can. When the trash can didn't open for him as fast as he thought it should (aka - I wasn't right there to step on the foot pedal to make it open for him.), he decided to do some investigation and I grabbed my camera off of the counter to record him in action!

Okay, he's got it! He is stepping on the pedal. This took a few tries because he kept having his hand on top of the can thus preventing it from opening, but finally he lost his balance a little and got his fingers under the flaps! When he saw what he had done he immediately grabbed the two flaps with both hands and opened the trash can all the way!

And since this trash can closes slowly he was able to pick up his diaper that had started this adventure and get it into the trash can! He shoots....He scores!

And now I get to start checking the top of the trash can before I throw things away for any treasures that James may have disposed of for me!



Alicia said...

That's too funny! We are having the same fun in our house right now. Remotes, toys, phones, laundry, you name it and it has ended up in the trash can or sometimes the diaper pail, now that he figured out how it works. Must be a boy thing- although I don't have anything to compare it to- maybe it's just that age :)

Stacy said...

Layla's in that stage too. She was helping me pick up stuff the other day and started throwing stuff away. I ended up having to get a few shoes, a Barbie, and a bunch of other toys out of the trash.

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

Uh oh! I love these little stories, they are so cute!

Jack used to put things into the dirty clothes hamper so I would find all kinds of treasures when I did the laundry. I miss those days! Well, maybe not but I miss the cuteness :-)

Unknown said...

At least he throws his own diapers away. I mean how cool is that?

Rebeka said...

Ok, seriously Oliver and James need to hang out. Oliver is always getting into the trash can. I was thinking just today that maybe I needed to get a fancier one to keep him out of it. However seeing the pictures of james makes me realize that whatever they set their mind to they will do. This is too funny.