06 October 2009

In the RIGHT Direction!

I am so excited to share with you that this morning at Weight Watchers I weighed in at an ALL. TIME. LOW! Yeah. I was so excited to move my little ticker over on my side bar. I am now only 7.2 lbs from my Lifetime goal weight there!

Tonight to celebrate I am going to Taste of Arlington on a date with David. Last year, when David and I went I remember being super excited to pour myself into wear jeans in a size 10 and this year I will be attending in the exact same jeans but in a size 6! WOW! I seriously never thought I would be able to wear a single digit size, much less a 6.

Today my WW leader Kim asked what I was going to do to celebrate my all time low and I answered "Go to Taste of Arlington". Then she asked how I will manage that. Easy, actually, I will not be drinking frozen drinks that are 1 point per ounce, I will skip on past the booths for restaurants that I have eaten at before and I will share every sample intended for one person with David. I also plan to pick just one dessert rather than trying to get "my money's worth" in high fat food that will make me feel really yucky later tonight or tomorrow. Plus there will be other things to focus on like a silent auction and games and door prizes!

Well, gotta go get ready for my date night! Do you have a "traditional" date night like us?



Lauren Taliaferro said...

Natalie-you are awesome! I am so happy for you.

TheFitHousewife said...

Yay...that is so awesome! Woo hoo, size 6! Enjoy your date.

Kamis Khlopchyk said...


Girl! You are amazing! Enjoy your date night, you deserve it!

I am beyond proud of you. Beyond words proud.

Cheryl said...

Jumping for joy here! Way to go girl!!!!

No steady date night for us here...we are not bog on eating out...we love cooking friday nights though, and then watch movies....kinda an "in-house" date night!!!

Have a great time!

Rebeka said...

THAT'S AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

you are AWESOME!!!!

Alicia said...

Hot Momma in your size 6 jeans!!! I hope you guys had a fun evening!

Sab said...

Woo hoo! I'd LOVE to be a 6... I'm between an 8 and 10 right now and cannot seem to lose those inches. Although, I guess I've been the same size since high school... a little bit bigger in the hips and waist (since having a baby) but otherwise the same.