12 October 2009

Is it November Yet?

October is not going too fabulous for us right now, but it could always be worse I guess.

Last Monday, our living room TV went crazy. I mean really crazy. I would put it on channel 52 and it would change itself to channel 51. I would change it back, then it would start scanning all of the channels. Then I couldn't even turn it off at the TV, never mind the remote. I finally got mad and unplugged it all together. The next morning when plugged back in, it would not turn on. There were tears. Mostly from the children, mostly.

Wednesday, I went to Whole Foods to do a little shopping. I wanted to get some vitamins for my kids that weren't full of chemicals. I mean really, crap. Here I am trying to feed them real foods that don't contain HFCS or hydrogenated oils but it never dawned on me to read the label on the bottle of chewable vitamins. Anyway, when I left Whole Foods with my new kid vitamins made from real foods I was involved in a car wreck. NOT MY FAULT at least. Turned into an uninsured motorist claim for me though because when I asked for his insurance, he got in his car and sped away. My car ended up with almost $2,000 worth of damage. I ended up VERY sore! I have a chiropractor that is fabulous and he is fixing me.

On Thursday afternoon we were finally able to find an available rental that wasn't a compact car (David is 6'4").

Friday, we went to Arkansas to see my parents for the weekend. We took the kids to my homecoming football game that night and they had a great time! I enjoyed seeing some friends and letting my kids experience some hometown football spirit. Kirstyn at one point did ask when the fireworks would happen and we had to explain that she wasn't at the Texas Rangers Ballpark. Funny.

Saturday we went to Hoo-Rah Days Festival and wandered around shopping, eating, playing games, and visiting with friends. Then after nap time we celebrated my dad's birthday. (I have pictures but am too tired right now to bother downloading the camera...)

Sunday, Kirstyn woke up with a HORRIBLE cough so we decided to go ahead and pack up and head home to be closer to our doctors in case she got worse. She ran a low grade fever and coughed a lot but seemed okay.

Today, Miss Kirstyn woke up SICK. Poor baby has a very high fever and horrible cough.

I am exhausted..... This week has been very busy and trying and it isn't looking any better yet.

Please pray the rest of us don't get sick!!!



Sab said...

Oh man! What a week! Yikes! Yes, I'll pray nobody else gets sick too. It's definetly not fun haveing to take care of your children when you are sick.

You don't have to pay for anything on your vehicle, do you? Terrible that he would just speed away like that.

Unknown said...

{hugs} hope you all don't get sick

sorry 'bout that accident...hope your chiro fixes you up right!

Alicia said...

I will definitely keep you guys in my prayers. Almost everyone I know is sick right now :(
Thanks for the heads up on the vitamins- I had not thought about them either... I don't know why I'm surprised though.

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

I did not even consider what is in my kids vitamins! And we don't have Whole Foods here...I'll have to hit a health food store.

Wow, that is crazy about the accident. I read David's FB update on that, so proud of you!

Praying things get better and fast. Hope Kirstyn is feeling better and no one else gets it!

Tracy said...

oy, so sorry girl. Sounds like Kirstyn has the dreaded illness that has been going around. Trinity had it a couple of weeks ago and on the bright side it passed quickly and was only a fever and cough for her. So hopefully it will be the same for Miss K. And if you need to borrow a TV you can use the one we have in the playroom.

Hope things start to look up!

Unknown said...

I hope Kirstyn is feeling better and that you all are well.

I got the stomach flu this week (with a 2 week old to take care of!!) and it just downright stinks! Guess it's just that time of year.

And so sorry about the wreck. What a jerk!!

Hugs to you all (well you know internet ones since we don't want to get each other sick!) HA!