29 October 2009

Fall Traditions

This past Saturday we loaded up and took the kids to Six Flags for our annual Fright Fest day of fun! These are the only two "family" shots that I got. I was supposed to have one of us with Scooby but the girl dressed as Raggedy Ann apparently didn't actually push the button all the way down on the camera because she thought she took three shots but I got NONE! Oh well...

That morning, David and I made a potentially risky decision and decided to leave the stroller at home. We packed our few necessary items (pull ups, change of clothes, and waters) in a backpack and took off. Not having the stroller turned out to be a fabulous choice because when we left the park that afternoon they were both MORE exhausted that we were!

That night at dinner we talked about every one's favorite part of the day. David and I both said that our favorite part was the kids GETTING ALONG and NOT FIGHTING! Yes, I have proof in pictures! Lately I have been feeling as if I should be wearing stripes and carrying a whistle. Seriously there have been some major squabbles around our house. James has learned that he is allowed to have his own opinion and big sister is not quite to terms with that! Ugh.

Anyway, I give you Exhibits A-D! My kids got along great all day long!

But the main reason it was our favorite part? We were able to walk around the park holding hands and having a blast too!
When we asked the kids what their favorite part of the day was, they both answered Trick or Treating from the WB characters! I agree, that was fun too and I got some really cute pictures!

Yeah! I love this time of year!
Do you have any fall traditions? All the bloggers that are linked up over here do!
Also, say a prayer today for the Kaylor family. Today is the day that last year my friend Jessica went to be with Jesus.



Unknown said...

yes, i wear the same uniform and have to blow my whistle for fouls all the time.

looks like an awesome time!

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

I sometimes feel like a ref too! It's a sibling thing I guess.

That looks like loads of fun you sure did get some great pictures!

Sab said...

So cute! I love your pics!

Oh, and we have the same problem with our camera. Nobody seems to press the button far enough, or hold it till it snaps. You'd think it would be easy, especially since it's a digital!

Alice said...

your whole page is celebrating autumn! i love your carnival shots - looks like a lot of fun!

i didn't post autumn shots. it's almost 90 degrees here during the day and autumn is nowhere to be found :O). please feel free to come on over and visit my blog anyway :).