15 October 2009

Fish Tacos

The other night I made a new recipe and it was a HUGE hit! I was so excited that BOTH kids and David were ALL eating and saying things like "YUMMMM" and "WOW" that I pulled out my phone and snapped a couple of pictures of the children eating a healthy meal happily so that I could remember the moment!

So now I am sharing my recipe* for Fish Tacos with you. We have also made this exact same meal with shrimp and the kids loved that too!!!

Fish Instructions
Fish Marinade (I used trout that David caught this summer but tilapia or any other white fish would work great):
Lime Zest
Lime Juice
Cajun Seasoning
A little Olive Oil
Fresh cracked black pepper and sea salt

Take fish out of marinade and bake until fish flakes.

Coleslaw Instructions
Coleslaw Dressing:
1/4 cup olive oil mayo (the kind with real ingredients and no HFCS, etc)
1/4-1/2 cup white vinegar
chipotle in adobo to taste
garlic powder, salt, pepper

Mix well and add to big bag of shredded cabbage/coleslaw mix.

Pico Instructions
Chop the following:
tomatoes (roma work great)
red onion
tons of cilantro
(you can add a jalapeno pepper, but I am the only one that would eat it so I skip that in the family recipe)

Mix in a bowl with lots of lime juice, salt, and pepper

Build and EAT
Heat up corn tortillas and build your tacos with the fish, pico, and coleslaw! I was REALLY feeling adventurous and we made our own corn tortillas. Making our own was fun and well, messy. The kids really enjoyed helping with that but it took FOREVER to make like 10 of them but they were very very tasty.

*I am a cook, not a chef so my recipes are "winged" at best...feel free to take my recipe and "wing it" at your house!

So, tell me, do you have a healthy meal that your kids enjoy, I mean really enjoy?


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Dr Eva said...

Ooh, sounds so yummy!! Thanks so much for sharing the recipe. ;) I get so excited too when both kiddos eat the meal without any complaints or nudging. LOL