28 October 2009

One on One

David asked me today if I had stopped blogging. The answer is NO. I still love the support and encouragement that I get from the blogging world although that I have to admit I am spending more of my time lately on Facebook. I blame my iPhone. :-)

One fun thing that I have done in the past two weeks is spend some much needed ONE on ONE time with my two kiddos! I went on Kirstyn's Kindergarten field trip and then on another day took James to the Dallas Arboretum. So much fun!

I have LOTS more pictures from each outing that I might get around to posting.... We had tons of fun!

What have you been doing?



Unknown said...

GURL. you look amazing!

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

Ditto what Stacie said!

If real life is getting in the way of blogging then let it! And we'll be waiting when you get a chance to post an update :)

Unknown said...

You are wasting away on us friend! You look fantastic!

Glad you're getting some quality time with the kids individually. Happy Fall to you all...