22 April 2009

the Effects of Getting Healthy

Today is Earth Day...

I am making an effort to be greener and teach my family to be greener.
I have changed all of our light bulbs to the CFLs except the ones in the vanity.
We installed a more energy efficient heating and a/c unit (not really by choice, but it had to be done.)
We had our house weather proofed.
We use our own shopping bags.
I am gardening and growing some of our own food (my broccoli plants are looking amazing!).
We recycle.
We compost.

However, I still have plenty of inner conflict when it comes to what I prefer and what is best for my environment.
I don't plan to give up my SUV any time soon.
We just spent the weekend at amusement parks using 'unnecessary power'.I don't turn off the power strips to the entertainment centers in our house because I don't want to reset the clocks!
James wears Pampers.

During this journey that I have been on to get healthy I have inadvertently learned how to keep Mother Earth healthier too. See, since we started composting, we have been talking a lot about how the foods we need to be eating should be generating compost and not recycling or trash. This has been a very helpful tool in motivating Kirstyn to want to eat healthy. It has also helped me even more because she is like having my own 'Jimmy Cricket' on my shoulder!

For example, by eating a '100 calorie pack' of something, we generate trash; but, by eating an apple, the only waste generated is the apple core and that is composted! It gets even more convicting, by drinking a can of diet soda, recycling is generated; but, by drinking a glass of tea, the tea bag can be composted.

Taking care of myself and taking care of my planet really do go hand in hand...

And the real reasons behind all of my efforts are these two adorable faces!



Amy said...

You are so right! I've noticed the same thing. More getting back to the basics with whole, natural, organic, local foods, is definitely good for the environment! Down with packaged food! :)

Colleen said...

Huh - that's a really good point about how the 2 go together - I'd never really thought of it like that!

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

I love this post, you are so right about the apple vs the packaged food! This summer, I vow, to get a compost situation happening...and this weekend, a clothes line installed in the back yard.

Happy Earth Day!

Cheryl said...

Between you and Kami, you have renewed my focus on our environment. I had never thought about the individual packs....love it.
Happy Earth Day!

Unknown said...

healthy you healthy Earth...it does go hand in hand...good for you on BOTH!

David D said...

Wow, those kids are adorable! They get their good looks from their mother, for sure! LOL

Using my reusable water bottle right now.

I love you sweetie!

Unknown said...

So true! It's got me thinking twice when I go grocery shopping too.

Unknown said...

P.S. on the diaper front...I've found a bio-degradable (compostable?) diaper since I can't justify investing in cloth diapers this late in the game. You can check it out at http://www.natyusa.com/ if you're interested. :)

Unknown said...

Okay, give me some tips on composting. I really want to start. Are you using a trash can? I think it's time because I sit there and throw out stuff that I know could just go into a compost pile...

Gretchen said...

Hey Natalie. I once took part in a "no waste food reduction" challenge, where participants were challenged to not throw away ANY or VERY LITTLE food. That meant, using up what we have and not throwing extra away. I guess composting is okay but for example you can't (or shouldn't) compost meat or fats. So, it was hard but it really got me thinking about creative ways to reuse my leftovers and making sure I was actually USING food and not just throwing it away.

Try it! You'll be surprised how your eating/cooking/buying habits change.

teeni said...

Isn't it funny how keeping yourself healthy and doing things in smarter ways also is better for the environment and for the earth? It's another one of those cycle things, I guess. :) Anyway, I'm sorry I've been scarce lately but school has been keeping me busy. But I've missed you so had to come over and visit. :)