05 April 2009

Name Gallery

Have you been following MckMamma over at My Charming Kids? If not, you need to head over there are read some of thier story and then start praying for thier youngest son Stellan.

There is a name gallery over there where people who are praying for Stellan submit pictures of places where they have "taken" Stellan. There is an amazing collection of pictures in Stellan's Name Gallery.

These pictures were taken on Saturday when David and Kirstyn went to the last pre-season Texas Ranger's Baseball game at the Ballpark in Arlington. They went all the way up to the top and took this picture with the new Jerry Jones expensive mother ship Dallas Cowboy's stadium in the background.

Then when they went down to their seats they took this picture overlooking the baseball diamond. Kirstyn enjoyed telling people that Stellan is a little boy with a sick heart that we are praying for.

Please take a minute right now and say a prayer for Stellan, his mom and dad and their 3 other children.

So, tell me, where would you take Stellan?



David D said...

Kirstyn did enjoy telling everyone that would listen about Stellan! It was really cute!

Unknown said...

that's very sweet!