03 April 2009

Fat Fighting Friday - W10

So, I visited a Church of Christ and was enjoying the worship time until I noticed a huge buddha over to the right of the stage. Then we were told to evacuate. When we got outside the flood waters were so bad that we had to get into boats and row away. That would have been fine until we realized that we were being followed by men with guns. At first I wasn't sure if they were there to protect us or hurt us. Then I panicked because I realized they were enemies and then the tallest one aimed his gun at me and pulled the trigger.

Good thing I woke up! Holy Crap....I should not sleep after taking hydrocodone! And I woke up with a headache.

I went to weigh in this morning and I was down 0.2. Yeah. (Can you hear the heavy sarcasm?) This week I plan to track every single bite and lower my points by 2 like I said I was going to do last week and then didn't. Cheer me on... I have to get out of this rut!



Unknown said...

well... .2 loss is better than being shot dead in your dream. :D

good luck, you can do this!!!

Anonymous said...

that .2 will be less that you have to lose..great job..

don't you just hate those dreams after taking those kind of meds?

Tricia said...

Your dream sounds like a Coen Brothers movie. Sorry it was just .2...you'll do better next week!

Cheryl said...

any amount of loss is an accomplishment, celebrate it!
Tomorrow is a new day of eating!

That dream scared me!!!

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

Oh my word, I though Armagedon had come to Texas. Glad it was just a dream girl. And lay off the drugs before bed, huh!

0.2!!! GO YOU! I bet you also built 2 lbs of muscle. So phht to the scale.

Rejoice, you are doing so well, keep at it, you will succeed!

I was just thinking that it's been a year since I started going hard and the results only started showing up lots in the last few months. Slow and easy, that's what gets you there!

KelliD said...

Sounds like my medicated dream last week! ...Going down Matlock in an innertube...and had to shoot an intruder! CrAzY!!!

Christina said...

Hahaha! What a dream! Have more dreams like that and I bet the pounds will come melting off as you sweat it out in terror!!

Hey, a loss is a loss! You're still on track. These last few pounds will probably be the hardest, but you have come SO far!

Gretchen said...

Hey, I can't believe I'm going to suggest this... you probably have already heard this a hundred times...

Sometimes when I'm trying to watch my weight or control my hunger, I will have a big glass (or bottle) of water. And, every single time I have a meal or snack or even a can of diet soda, I will force myself to drink at least 8 oz of water. Sometimes 16 oz. Usually, it will either curb my hunger, or cause me to eat a smaller portion size, or I won't be thirsty for the soda after all. Plus, water is so healthy, it couldn't hurt, right?

Another idea I had, maybe you could look into that theory about food combinations...I have no idea how it works but I've heard that certain foods, when eaten together, work your metabolism more. ??? Just and idea.

BTW I took your advice... returned my camera to Best Buy and wanted to buy one from ARlington Camera... and it's been on order for almost 3 weeks. WTH?

Sab said...

Dreams like that are freaky! i like to write mine down too, and then read about them later and ask myself what I ate the night before... hahaha.

Ugh... I'm in a rut too.. just not doing anything about it. Sad... I know.

Jaimee said...

Hang in there Natalie! You can do it!