18 March 2009

My Boy and His Nuts

What do you reach for when you need a snack?

Kirstyn ALWAYS wants a cheese stick or yogurt or cottage cheese....yes, she is my dairy girl.

James ALWAYS wants 'nuss nuss'....yes, He loves his nuts. Don't they all, er, never mind. (Oh and yes, this picture was taken on David's side of the bed. Honey, if you are reading this...that is not the closet...or the dirty clothes hamper....or where we keep the mail...but apparently your size 14 shoes make a nice coaster.)

I almost always choose fruit. I keep lots of fruits in a basket on the counter (nectarines, bananas, apples, clementine oranges) and then I usually keep I big bowl of washed grapes in the front of the refrigerator. If I think I need something sweet I usually fix a bowl of strawberries and kiwi and top it with a little fat free whip.

I used to always choose things like Fiber One Bars and 100 calorie packs but I have learned that my body is happier with me and satisfied better by a REAL food. Don't get me wrong....I still like those things, they just fall under the category of the one, ahhhh, okay sometimes two servings of 'junk' I allow myself per day.

I also really love popcorn and so do my kids but my Crohn's Disease does not always agree with that one either. Sometimes I have a yogurt with Kirstyn or I count out 7 almonds for myself from James' mixed nuts.

Now, on to lunches:

1 whole wheat low carb tortilla + laughing cow cheese wedge + turkey breast or
1/2 c egg beaters + laughing cow cheese wedge + sliced tomatoes or
1/2 c egg beaters + fat free refried beans + lots of Joe T Garcia's salsa or
grilled chicken breast + can of green beans or
leftovers (usually when we have beef and broccoli or spaghetti in the refrigerator) or
a gyro (sauce on the side) with hummus if I happen to go to the office for lunch with David

Maybe I should be adding flax to my lunches? Maybe you should go enter my giveaway!

So, what do you eat for lunch? And what is your favorite snack?



Kelly the Happy Texan said...

Well, the title sure caught my attention! LOL

I saw one of the things you listed for lunch was a gyro. I have a big time weakness for gyros. how do you make yours?

My lunches range from leftovers to wraps to pizza. I also like bean burritos. If you tell me about those gyros I might have a new favorite. :)

Anonymous said...

Im boring for lunch....fast on the go boring.

grilled chicken usually slapped on a salad and eating which chasing daughter :)

Anonymous said...

IF I am snacky in the morning, it is fruit. If I am snacky in the afternoon it's veggies or homemade granola bars!

I am so boring for lunch. Crackers, veggies, protein - like a morningstar hot dog :)

Lani said...

Good morning, stopping by fom sits... and becoming a follower:) Cute kiddos!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm such a grazer and am never satisfied. But, like you, I notice when I eat REAL food, I stop grazing. My REAL lunch food would be a sandwhich with meat from last nights dinner and a big salad. Usually ended by an apple.

Unknown said...

lol....a boy and his nuts...yes.

Paige said...

I'm often at a loss about what to fix for lunch.... We have sandwiches or leftovers. Sometimes we just "graze" and have hard boiled eggs, popcorn, Ovaltine milk, & fruit!
My favorite snack is apples with peanut butter. Mmm. I also love love LOVE homemade granola bars, but I really plow through them in no time so I can't make them too often!

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

Snacks are fruit or homemade cereal bars for me - made from my favourite oatmeal. Yummy! and also double as dessert

Lunches...I ate far too many sandwiches. I am terrible at thinking of healthy things for lunch. I do try to load them with veggies...lettuce, tomato, red pepper...

Christina said...

I must be really juvenile. The title of this post really did make me laugh!

The most common lunches around here and salads, sandwiches, leftovers.

Cynthia said...

I am a raw almond girl. Love'em, I think they're good for ya too?

Anonymous said...

I too was surprised when I saw the title of this post at your site. LOL. I love plays on words though so it definitely got my attention. :) Snacks are so hard for me. I'm starting to find a few that are acceptable to me and my brain as far as what is healthy and that also do the trick of satisfying me. I tend to like snacks that I can eat a bunch of, out of hand, like at the movies or something. So, my list is small so far but includes, Wasabi peas, popcorn sprayed with a mist of olive oil, then sprinkled with sea salt, goldfish crackers, grapes, and Trader Joe's animal crackers. I also like trail mix. I need to keep growing my list.