08 March 2009


It is feeling a lot like Spring here in our part of Texas, at least for today. It has been in the upper 80s around here and will be nice for the first part of the week but then on Thursday we are expecting our highs to be back down in the 40s. ugh.

Anyway, with spring comes my attempts at teaching my kids new lessons. One of those lessons has been gardening. This year, I not only doubled the size of my garden plot but we have also purchased a composting bin and started composting.

So far adding to the compost bin has been a lot of fun! Kirstyn and her friend that she had over had a blast picking up leaves and sticks from all over the yard to help me build the base for the compost. Then they used their little shovels and put in some of the turf we had pulled out of my new section of garden. Just since noon today I have collected probably 8 cups of scraps from the kitchen that would have otherwise been put in the trash or put into the garbage disposal. Did you know that you can compost everything from tea bags to strawberry tops to potatoes to shredded paper. I am so excited to teach my family to be just a little bit 'greener'!

I have gotten some really great information from blogs like this one. Oh and did you know that compost is not supposed to smell? I didn't realize that until I started doing some research. Actually, right now my whole backyard smells like coffee! Did you know that in an effort to be more friendly to the environment, Starbucks will give you their used coffee grounds for use in your compost pile. David went by today and picked up a whole bucket full!

So, what "new" project do you have on the brain for this spring?



EmilytheCreative said...

My father-in-law has a compost pile. He sprinkled what he had in the garden yesterday. We have a pretty big plot that is in our front yard. Last year was the first year that we had the garden, at least since we have been here. And yes, we even have some Starbucks coffee grounds in the garden as well.

Ally @ Waiting For Rain said...

My compost heap is currently infested with fire ants - which makes turning it a bit more of a contact sport than I had anticipated!! We collect about a five gallon bucket of scraps a week plus grass, leaves, sticks and of course, Starbucks grounds.. they are very generous and we also use them to deter cats and other dogs from our front yard.. they don't like the smell!!

Gotta go and find a fifteen foot long shovel and turn my compost without getting bitten by the ants!! :)

Kelly the Happy Texan said...

Cool! My mom composts a lot. I have yet to get into it.

Doesn't it feel fantastic outside?! I love Texas springs. Summers can get pretty rough.

My spring project is to plant some timber bamboo and do some landscaping.

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

Well, since it ISN'T spring here yet. Nothing.

And I am not bitter than your cold spells are what we are dreaming of. Not a bit.


Happy composting! Maybe I need to give it a go....

Rebecca said...

I totally want to get into composting! Good for you!

Anonymous said...
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