31 March 2009

Past Post Parade

I linked up today with Elaine for her Past Post Parade.

While I was looking through my archives I also realized that this week last year, James was getting tubes put in his ears after 6 round of antibiotics didn't cure his ear infections. I just said a prayer because I was reminded how thankful I should be that I haven't even had to take either one of my children to the pediatrician this year!

Oh and apparently this time last year I was also whining about being on a weight loss plateau. That was pretty close to 45 pounds ago. I was wearing a snug size 14 and now I am in a comfortable 8. Okay, guess this exercise of going through my archives was good for my mood after all!

First, go look at a post I did in 2005 and then head over to Elaine's place for a chance to win a fabulous Quaker goodie box!



Kamis Khlopchyk said...

Ha! That is awesome Natalie, how far you have come!!! (there I go again, shift oneeeeee....) 45 lbs ago! I think you must plateau this time of year, hey...keep at it. Last year is proof positive that it works:)

And is that Kirsten in the picture? ADORABLENESS!!!!

Unknown said...

You've come a long way girl...keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

Isn't it so much fun to go through your archives? That's why I love doing this!

Thanks for the linkage lady! : )