13 March 2009

Fat Fighting Friday - W7

I have a theory.

It makes sense in my brain.

I am going to attempt to tell you my theory.

I think every time I lose about 25 lbs my body has to take its time to get used to the new me and the new lifestyle I created while losing that weight. You know, when I started WW, it wasn't really about getting healthy and being healthy, it was about dropping some weight. I started out just eating less of the same crap that I used to eat.

Then I lost 25lbs and got stuck. So, I changed some of the things I was eating. Like I remember when I lost 2 pts per day, I just quit coffee creamer. Then I changed from regular cheese to 2% cheese. Then I realized that for this to be permanent weight loss I could not just stop ordering double cheeseburgers and order only regular cheeseburgers. It had to be about WHAT I was putting into my body.

Then after being stuck for a while, I started following the Core program by weight watchers. Basically that means you give up white flour, sugar, and fat in your dairy (there were more rules but that was basically it). I stopped making casseroles and hamburger helper for my family. We started eating more vegetables. Most of our dinners now are a meat and two vegetables on the side. I mix it up A LOT. We eat vegetarian at least one dinner per week (easier on the budget too). Then I got stuck again.

I joined the gym. I added exercise. I discovered that I LOVE to exercise. I started working out more and more. I started changing my shape. I started lifting weights. I have been tracking my food. I am stuck...AGAIN. I don't know what else I can change...

Today, I was up 0.4..... a wash really because last week I was in spring clothes and today I was back in winter clothes. But still, I WANT TO SEE A LOSS! I have been playing with this same 2 lbs since Christmas.

So tell me, on your best day....what is the thing you do that makes you proud of yourself. What is your "healthy" secret. Or what did you "give up" in order to be healthier?



Unknown said...

awe honey, i know it is frustrating. you are doing everything right, so I say, keep it up and eventually your body will listen. Beat it into submission. ;)

Anonymous said...

I love you sweetheart! Keep it up. Don't get discouraged!!

Kelly the Happy Texan said...

It is frustrating but don't lose hope. I hesitate to mention this but my mom used to work at LA Weight Loss and when someone hit a plateau she would advise them to shake things up a little and have a meal of whatever they wanted then get right back on plan. It was usually enough to get that scale dropping again.

To answer your question, I Shred to make me feel proud. Just surviving the workout makes me proud.

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

Just keep at it Natalie, I really think your body needs to get used to it. And don't they always say that last bit is the hardest to lose. You will lose it by sticking with what you are doing. I am not a huge advocate of giving up everything, I mean food is enjoyable and it should be enjoyable. In moderation.

Hang in there! It will happen and I will be here cheering you on until it does!

Dawn Mabry said...

Here is what you need to do...go to the back of your closet and find your BEFORE pants and/or shirt and put them on and see how big they are on you. That my friend will put a HUGE smile on your face and you might not feel as down about seeing the scale go up point 4.

What do you eat on an average day? Post a menu. How much water do you drink on average? Do you eat a cheat or splurge meal and how often? How much are you exercising? Are you lifting weights and doing cardio?
You can e-mail me this if you want. sdmabry@uark.edu
I have my marathon this weekend but I will get back to you as soon as I can. Maybe I can give you some feedback to get the scale moving in the right direction consistently.

I do agree that your body has to adjust as the weight comes off and you are doing the right thing by changing up things. The only way you won't get to your goal is if you quit. Keep at it. You have come so far.

Laura N said...

Agree with your other commenters. Your body has to adjust every time you lose a significant amount or you do something new.

BUT. I will share a book with you that was like no other diet plan I'd ever read. And it works. It's called "Crack the Fat Loss Code" and it's a carb cycling diet. Truly it will un-stick you. If you decide to try it, let me know. I've got recipes & can walk you through it.

Either way, just don't give up. Sometimes a season change can make a difference. Bring on the SPRING!

Cheryl said...

water weights plays huge! I can gain and lose 3-5 pounds in a given week, depending on my water retention. Be gentle you are kicking some serious WW butt, your commitment is amazing.
What I always tell my friend sis to balance off your carbs, make sure every meal contains some protein!

Colleen said...

Hey, I too, think you're doing amazingly!!! Don't get discouraged and don't give up. I think the last part is often the hardest.
I know for myself that I was doing everything "right" a couple of weeks ago, but not losing, and so what I had to do was cut out any flex points at all. Now I save my activity points throughout the week and use only those as my flex points. Just doing that gave me the boost I needed to keep going. Not sure if that'll work for you or not, but I thought I'd share.
And never, never, NEVER give up!!!

Kate in Austin said...

I am very impressed with your stick-to-it-ness. Keep going, drink your water and cut off the food after dinner. You probably do that already but I'm very proud of myself when I don't eat anything else after dinner. Good weekend...

Cynthia said...

I don't know if you drink soda...but if there is any way to cut it out, it really helps. I am not strong enough to...I gots to have my one Coke a day:P Try replacing water for sugary drinks.

Anonymous said...

We have to keep our bodies guessing, right? That is what makes them lose weight. You have been doing so well! I know my runner's magazine recommends different cross training to keep your body guessing. I am kind of slacking though, so am having very slow losses.

For me, I am proud of myself if I just have a day where I eat well and get my exercise in. Ha ha. :)

Chubby Chick said...

You can do this! Just keep doing what you are doing and the results will follow! :)

Anonymous said...

Natalie, I know you are frustrated but just know that I think you look beautiful!


Jen said...

I just wanna say you amaze and motivate me, so keep it up! You are doing everything right! It's true, your body gets stuck and needs to get used to it. Let me think though. . . when I originally hit goal with WW back before kids and after my first kid was born, I know some key things were drinking the required amount of water, NEVER did I use my activity pts or flex points. I went to my meetings every week no matter what. Hmmm, I'm sure there's more and you're doing all these, so just KEEP IT UP!

Anonymous said...

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