20 March 2009

Fat Fighting Friday - W8

First, congratulations Lawanda, you won the flax giveaway! Send me an email with your mailing address and I will forward it on to the generous people at FlaxUSA! If you didn't win, they have great prices on their website!

Today, I weighed in down 0.6. So that puts me down 2 lbs in 8 weeks. David put it into perspective for me...I could be up 2 lbs or 10 lbs if I wasn't working so hard. Plus even my scale agrees that I have lost over 3% of body fat during that time. I can be proud of that!

Come back next week. I am planning to party!
Ultimate Blog Party 2009

So tell me, did you enjoy 'diet blog' week? Do you want more posts from me about what I am eating and thinking that is part of this road to good health or should I just stick to keeping it for my Fat Fighting Fridays?



Unknown said...

it is YOUR blog and you can BLOG what you want to, blog what you want to...


and David is right...YOU are on the DOWN side of the scale and that is what matters...

along with feeling good.

cause you LOOK goood!!!


Kamis Khlopchyk said...

Ya! Good for you, your dedication has paid off Natalie, keep at it!

And I loved your diet blog week, I learned a lot about healthy eating!

Anonymous said...

I really liked it!!! :D

Congrats on the loss!

Christina said...

David's right! Even if it's a slow loss, it IS a loss and your hard work gets the credit for that!

Natalie said...

Yay for a loss!!!!!!!!!!

Jaimee said...

Hi Natalie! Sorry I've been so absent the past few weeks! Looks like you've been working really hard! Sorry the scale isn't showing ALL of your hard work just yet - it will get there!!! Hang in there!