02 September 2008

Tell All Tuesday - Week 21

Okay, well today's weigh in is nothing to really brag about but I am not disappointed either because I stuck to the eating plan AND exercised... Still with me? Anyway, I was up 0.4 lbs. Why? Well, I think it has a lot to do with "that time of the month" because I feel like a bloated pig. Plus, our AC went out yesterday and didn't get fixed until around 9:30 last night. When it kicked on and started working again it was 94F in our house so it took a while to cool off. Needless to say the temperature didn't help with my water retention! I was really worried about the weigh in this morning knowing how I was feeling puffy...I really didn't want to weigh in ever again outside of ONEderland and thankfully I did not! I am still under my 20% and in ONEderland! I now have 14.8 more pounds to lose in the next 16 weigh ins before Christmas! I can do this!!!

Thanks again for all of the encouragement and accountability! What have you done this week that deserves you take the time to brag on yourself? Go on over and TOOT your own horn!

Have you read about the walk our family is doing for Children's Cancer Charities??? I am doing a giveaway for those willing to donate ANY amount of money to this great cause! Please help me spread the word (right now David is raising more money than me with his Facebook and MySpace friends than I am with the bloggy world)! I should also say a BIG THANK YOU to The Mommies United for helping me get the word out about this GREAT cause!



Unknown said...

I just got a friend request on facebook from a David Dickey, is this you? I responded with a "do I know you?" message...after feeling like I should know this name...and then it hit me.

Anyway...the time of the month aways showed a gain for me on the scale too. Brush it off and keep up the good work. I think I will have some 'splainin to do at my weigh in tomorrow. TOO much fun over the holiday is my excuse. :D

Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

Congratulations for sticking with the plan, Natalie! I need to get back in gear with mine. Vacations can really lead you off track. I appreciate your motivating comments.

CynthiaK said...

Thanks for the comment on my labour post at "Crumbs".

Hope you get your AC fixed soon! I know I'm a grump and a half when ours isn't working and there's no focussing on anything but staying cool!

Good luck on your continuing journey of weight loss. You can hit your Christmas goal! Pounds be gone!

Jen said...

Not even a huge gain at all and HELLO, I would've gained 10 lbs with it being that hot in my house! You're doing fantastic and you'll be at your goal by Christmas, if not more! GREAT JOB!!!!!

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

You are doing great! And your goal is so attainable girl, can't wait to see the latest set of before and after pictures because of course you have to post some!


Crista said...

Your Toot is similar to mine! I hate dieting and I hope you have better motivation than I do! Good luck to you!