14 September 2008

Hearing Aids

Meet Pancho. This is Kirstyn's Webkinz that apparently had to get hearing aids because according to Kirstyn she wasn't able to hear well.

Me: Kirstyn, why are your hair things on your Webkinz' ears?

K: Mommy (can you hear the exacerbated tone), Pancho had to get hearing aids.

Me: Oh, they are pretty.

K: I know... Pancho wanted sparkly ones like Trinity's, not the kind like Grandpa's that you can barely see!

Me: I like them.

K: Don't tell me, tell Pancho.

Me: Pancho, I like your new hearing aids.

K: I am just glad that Pancho now understands what I have been saying to her over and over and over!

Me: Me too Sissy, Me too!



Kamis Khlopchyk said...

Adorable girl you have there, but you know that, don't you?!

Cynthia said...


Unknown said...

Too cute.

Christina said...

oh gosh, she is too stinkin' cute! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Funny how much they take in and how they interpret things. I love the hearing aids. If I ever need one I hope it makes me look as cute as Pancho.

Unknown said...

ooohhh, those ARE fancy hearing aids! Love the imagination!

Tracy said...

I am glad Trinity was a source of inspiration!

Anonymous said...

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