15 July 2008

Tell All Tuesday - Week 14

Yahoo! I LOST ON VACATION! (or I lost before vacation and maintained on vacation...either way, I am very excited to be writing this!) I weighed in this morning down 1.2 lbs (that was a 2 week weigh in)! Oh and just look at my ticker... Look how close I am to being down 50 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight with Kirstyn. Oh and when I loose 20 more pounds I will weigh what I weighed in the 5th grade! I am at my lowest weight in my adult life!

This week at our WW meeting we talked about what foods we crave and what foods really satisfy us. We are supposed to monitor our journals and see when and how often we eat foods that are sweet, salty, creamy, chocolate, and crunchy. I am actually interested to see what I learn about myself! I know for a fact that I have a weakness for hot and cold together...like I love to eat a hot brownie with ice cream on top and I really love hot fresh tortilla chips and a big bowl of salsa. Do you have any healthy suggestions for my need for hot and cold together???



Christina said...

WOW, Natalie, I am so impressed! You go girl!

Kim said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! You are doing so great!!!! :)

McCullough Family said...

Yea for you!! What an inspiration to so many others! Keep working hard girl!

Unknown said...

ooohhh, drooling just thinking about food!

Sweet and the Salty followed by sweet again...DANGEROUS.

CONGRATS on your loss and keep up the good work!!!

Unknown said...

You are doing so awesome!! Wow! on the almost 50 pounds! Congrats and keep on keepin' on! : )

p.s. praying for your FIL.

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

Natalie! You ROCK!

Keep it up, you will reach your goal weight in no time at the rate you are going!

No advice on the hot cold thing...but now I am craving a brownie with ice cream ;-)