22 July 2008

Tell All Tuesday - Week 15

Well, I weighed in today. I was expecting the scale to be up because I upped my workouts this week and this morning I was so sore that I could barely walk! I know my muscles are hanging on to tons of water right now trying to recover. I am planning to stay for yoga again tomorrow after step aerobics so maybe I can stretch out some of this soreness! Anyway, I was up 2 lbs but I am expecting that to fall right off for next week plus some. I did great on my eating this week and earned lots of activity points!

So, I was feeling pretty good about myself today when Kirstyn and I went up to the hospital to take Grandpa his present we made him when this happened:

(nice little hospital volunteer lady slowly walking past me)

Lady: "Whew, much too hot to be pregnant!"

Me (with a forced smile on my face): "You're right you poor thing!"

(old bag gave me a look like I was the crazy one not even realizing that she was the one with her foot hanging out of her mouth!)

Guess it is a good thing I am still motivated to do Weight Watchers and work out regularly seeing as how I apparently still look pregnant after loosing 40 lbs since giving birth and my baby is now 14 months old!

Oh and if you are wondering about Grandpa (aka David's Dad), he had heart surgery last Thursday and is doing well. Check out the really cute candy bouquet we made for him to share with all of his nurses!

Oh and I just noticed I need to fix the date on my little camera! I took this picture today. :-)



Christina said...

I love your responce - you go, girl!!!

Unknown said...

ha ha. That WAS a great response. Don't worry, an older lady thought I was 18 a few weeks ago. Now, I suppose that's not as bad, but my point is that their perspective is sometimes warped. I'm sure you don't look pregnant, but rather an in-shape hottie.

Stacy said...

The old lady must have been blind. You can tell from your vacation pictures that you look great! And that was an excellent response. Very cool candy bouquet.

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

YOU DO NOT LOOK PREGNANT! I think the lady probably either wasn't wearing her glasses, needs new ones or should really look into bifocals.

And your response?


Love you!

Unknown said...

That is the best retort I have EVER heard! I am about to die laughing over here!!

I would have also told her that she should probably quit smoking crack 'cause that is bad for her baby! ; )

Glad to hear David's dad is doing well.

Unknown said...

ok, it's not funny that she meant you, but your response was hilarious when it wasn't meant to be.

ah, honey, keep your head up, you are doing an amazing job and just the fact that you DID think she was refering to herself just shows you have confidence in the way you are looking and feeling.

did that make sense?

Anonymous said...

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