17 July 2008

Our Vacation - Part 1

Well, I've decided to tell you all about our vacation in 3 separate posts so that I don't loose all of my readers!

We left Arlington on July 3rd bound for San Antonio. We had a great trip down and both kids even went to sleep at the same time in the car! We even got to make a quick stop at the San Marcos outlet malls, specifically the Disney Store Outlet where Santa was able to grab a couple of stocking stuffers and they each got some new pjs to wear on vacation and a small toy to play with in the car. This is a tradition for us on the way to the beach every year...it is a great place to get out and stretch and I usually find some great deals!

When we checked in our hotel we were all starving and I asked the guys at the front desk for a restaurant recommendation. He suggested we order from this mexican food restaurant that was right next door and he told me there was a menu in our room and that they would deliver for free. Perfect! I ordered while the kids checked out the new place and David unloaded the car. When we sat down for dinner Kirstyn said she wasn't hungry anymore and that she was cold. When I touched her I knew what was wrong...I took her temp and it was 102! Great! So much for the plan to go to Fiesta Texas for the evening for the Laser Light and Fireworks show. So we gave her a big dose of ibuprofen and put her to bed to watch a cartoon while the rest of us ate what turned out to be some wonderful food and decided it would be better to get a good night of rest and head to Fiesta Texas the next day. Her fever broke during the night and she was back to her self the next morning.

Now on to some pictures...

First, you gotta see some of the family shots. Notice we are all wearing the same 4th of July shirt in different colors. Kirstyn was excited for us all to be matching!

One of the highlights for Kirstyn was finally getting to meet Shaggy! They also have a Scooby Doo ride at Fiesta Texas that is a lot like the rides at Disney World. James was able to ride it too and everyone got to hold a "laser gun" to help Scooby fight off the ghosts! It was really cute and James even seemed to love it! Kirstyn also just had to have her picture made with the Daphne picture that was up in the line we were waiting in for the Scooby ride.

Then we got a Texas rain shower. See, it went from hot and sunny to suddenly cloudy and then it rained about an inch in 45 minutes and then it went back to being hot and sunny with lots of humidity! Everyone found spots under shelter and my kids had a blast splashing in the puddles and playing in the rain! Then right after the rain, the characters did a show in the square where they danced and interacted with the kids! We had a great time watching that!

Then Kirstyn "won" a very fun Scooby Doo hat and James enjoyed a roasted corn snack! James really loves corn on the cob...he is very serious about it and barely takes a breath until it is all gone!

Oh and check out this video of David and Kirstyn riding the new Tony Hawk Big Spin roller coaster! Kirstyn loved it! I still can't believe that she is so brave. I think James is going to be just as fearless!

The next morning before breakfast we were able to capture this very special moment. Kirstyn was watching cartoons while David and I got dressed and James got up, got his "Ricky" blanket and went and sat down in Kirstyn's lap.

We also went to the Children's Museum in San Antonio and to the River Walk. I will have to add those pictures later as I am out of time right now.
Stay tuned for all of the fun we had at the beach and at my aunt's house!


Stacy said...

First of all, look how skinny you are! You look great!

Sounds like a fun time. I'm glad the Kirstyns fever broke and you were still able to enjoy Fiesta Texas. I love the picture of them in the matching pjs, its so cute.

Unknown said...


I love family vacations...I am planning a Disney trip for Christmas (bites nails)!!

Your family is beautiful~!

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

That place looks great! So glad the fever was short lived. Those matching pj's are awesome... and I have to second what the Stacy(ie)'s said...