27 January 2009

Final Tell All Tuesday

Okay, well I have finally made a decision! I am changing WW meetings and will be going on Friday mornings at 7am. So, my weigh in confession post will be on Fridays.

I weighed in on my home scale this morning just to see where I am (after all, we spent the weekend at my moms and on the road) and I was down close to 2 pounds! I hope the Friday morning weigh in is just as kind to me! I also went to the gym this morning for a weight lifting class as there is an ice storm on the way and I won't be able to get out and go tonight.

In other news, I had a baby shower a few weeks ago for my friend Kristin and I wanted to share a couple of pictures (look how cute the diaper cake I made turned out!) and the punch recipe that turned out to be VERY popular!

Now for the punch recipe that I of course reworked to lower the points so I wouldn't feel so bad about tasting it. Everyone loved it and seemed very surprised when I told them that it was a leaner version.
Mocha Cappuccino Punch
1/4 c decaf instant coffee
1/2 c sugar
1 c boiling water
combine, cover, and chill
4 pints of skim milk
1 pint of fat free half and half
1/2 gallon no sugar added low fat chocolate ice cream (I used Blue Bell)


Christina said...

You look so great, Nat! WTG on another losing week, and good luck with Friday meetings. 7 sounds early to me. :o)

Unknown said...

oh and YOU LOOK FANTASTIC, you forgot to say that about your picture!

Kim said...

You look great!!! I can't wait to be so close to my WW goal!

Loved the diaper cake!

Kristy said...

Ok - first, you look AWESOME!

And second - I have had this punch before and I LOVE it! I have been known to make it at home just because I NEED it! :)

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

WOWZA girl! You are looking so good! Your face, it's so lean and mean but in a good way ;)

Great cake and that punch sounds so yummy! I'll have to save that for my next party!

Anonymous said...

Oooh - your diaper cake looks better than my real cakes! LOL. Nice job on that! Also, that punch really sounds interesting. I never thought to have a coffee-type of punch. Sounds like it went over well though. One question - the first ingredient says 1/4 c decaf instant coffee - so that is in it's dry form and not already mixed, right? After that, I think I'm okay. ;)

Kate in Austin said...

You look great! I didn't know you before but WW sure proves that it works by seeing your photo. I wish I was committed to it like you.

Jaimee said...

I'm reading backwards today...you do look awesome!!! I don't see a "muffin top" AT ALL here...unfortunately, I'm wondering if mine will every go away after kiddos...at least without lipo or surgery!