12 October 2008


You can't see it very well in this picture, but James and I have matching black right eyes! Ouch!!! They happened on two different days and I'm pretty sure mine is bothering me more than his is bothering him.
First, James' injury occurred on Thursday afternoon. We were all playing outside on the swing set when Kirstyn asked for a drink and James started echoing her with "dink, dink, dink!" so I ran inside to get them both some water. Well, before I even got three steps in the house James was screaming and laying on the ground. I went back outside to see what had happened and when I said, "Kirstyn, what happened?" This was our conversation:
Kirstyn: "Well.... I get in more trouble for lying than for an accident, right?" (I could tell this was going to be interesting...)
Me: "Yes, lying does get you in more trouble..."
Kirstyn: "Well... then.... It was an accident on purpose..."
Me: "What?"
Kirstyn: "Well, it was on purpose that I pushed him because he was bothering me on my swing, but it was an accident that he got hurt."
Me: (that makes sense to me...the little bugger was probably trying to push her out of the swing and she was just defending her spot on the playground) "Okay, thank you for telling Mommy the truth, but since you pushed your brother rather than using your words you can't play on the swing anymore this afternoon..."

Now for my black eye story.
Friday morning while I was waiting on my coffee to make I crawled back into my bed and covered up. David, who was already dressed to leave for work laid down beside me to talk about whether or not we were going to go to Arkansas for the weekend. Of course since we were trying to talk both kids decided to join us in the middle of our bed. James snuggled up beside me and gave me a kiss and then sat up with his back to me watching Kirstyn who was sitting beside her Daddy. Anyway, all. of. a. sudden. James leaned back really hard and slammed the back of his head into my cheek.
David didn't see what had happened, but just said, what did he just break? I was still holding my breath and tasting blood in my mouth. David then clued in and realized that he should get the kids into the other room before I started using my words again because they might not be rated G! (by the way...I did good...) He brought me back an ice pack and I iced my face and my teeth have tightened back up but my face still really hurts. It hurts to smile, it hurts to lay on that side of my face on my pillow. Ouch. It seems to be getting worse still rather than better. This picture was taken tonight. Ouch.

Well, at least we match!

P.S. We went to De Queen this weekend for my Dad's birthday and when we went to the HooRah Days festival at the park there were many jokes made at my expense when passing by the domestic abuse stand. James and I really were quite the pair!

Oh and extra bonus.... when we got home tonight, we took Kirstyn to the doctor and she has an upper respiratory infection and pink eye! How was your weekend?



Jaimee said...

Yikes! What a week for you! Sounds like that was one doozy of a head butt that James gave you!! OUCH!! Hope it feels better soon!

Unknown said...

First of all...that conversation with Kirstyn in hilarious and her reasoning does make total sense. I hope she's feeling better soon!

Second...OUCH!!! That looks so sore, I can just imagine how that must have felt...kids heads are so hard.

Alicia said...

Kirstyn's conversation is too funny! Good for her that she told the truth, though.
Alex has TOTALLY done the same thing to me on the bed, only mine was my jaw, so no black eye here... (Isn't it amazing that someone so little can inflict SO much pain!?!) I hope you all get better soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh - what a weekend! I'm sorry that you and James were hurt. I had to giggle at your daughter's conversation. What a smart cookie she is and I can totally see it from her angle. LOL. Fortunately nobody was seriously injured. I hope you all are back to unmarked and healthy soon. :)

Christina said...

Good gosh, OUCH!! N's been a headbutter, but never to that degree!

"I get in more trouble for lying, right?" LOL that girl is a riot.

Cynthia said...

Oh no...bummer all around, except D-Q!

kristy mae said...

My oldest daughter broke my nose by leaning back suddenly and whacking me...she was only about a year old at the time. My kiddos, they have heads like bowling balls!

btw, I'm Kristy, Nikki's (Aneta's) sister. She knows I blog and gave me the link to yours. :)

Alpha 1 Vann Clan said...

What a time you have had! We missed you on Sunday!

Unknown said...

oh my

black eye or not, you both are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

My poor babies! I told you you should have stopped by the domestic violence booth, but no.

Next time...you will remember whose boss! :-)

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

Who is that skinny girl on the right?


McCullough Family said...

Kirstyn is too funny! I love it!

Unknown said...

I don't know how I missed this post.

It looked A LOT better today!!

Can I tell you how thin your face looks in that picture? You're ok with that, right? ; )