18 June 2005

What a BIG GIRL!

What a big girl! We have been telling Kirstyn all week that if she would TT in the potty we would take her to ride the choo choo. We were getting close too because we are going to the FW Zoo on Monday with Logan, Aunt Neida and Uncle Paul and we are planning to ride the zoo train. She sat on the potty for almost 10 min with us all singing songs and nothing was happening....she got up to walk away and finally relaxed enough that it started so we put her on the potty and she looked almost scared that something was coming out of her! Then she got very excited and started pointing at the toilet paper so David gave her a piece and she knew just what to do as she has been insisting on going to the bathroom with all of us for a couple of months now. :-) Then she realized what she had done and started clapping and saying choo choo....too smart, we didn't even remind her! What a proud moment for David and I! Well, I guess I will be putting Choo Choo ride pictures on here after Monday's trip to the Zoo!

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