13 June 2005

Back to Normal!

Well, David got home from California on Friday night late! Kirstyn didn't get to see him until Saturday morning early. She was hugging him so tight that it looked like she was going to choke him! They spent all day on Saturday together. I had to go to the church to decorate for VBS so that got some much needed Daddy-Punkin' time!

I am going to post a few pictures from our week. Kirstyn and I had a good time in DQ with Pappy and Dee Dee. We even got to see Aunt Neida ("Ann Knee") and Uncle Paul ("Pa Pa"). It was really funny to hear her calling Paul, Pa Pa....we all kept asking him if it made him feel old to have a grandpa name! :-)

Kirstyn got to help Pappy feed PaPaw's catfish in the pond every morning and I got some free time to shower alone! (every mom of a toddler can relate!) Kirstyn also got to drive the tractor and cut hay, and she helped Pappy check on his "MOOOOOs". She also enjoyed helping Dee Dee feed her MEOW-MEOW!

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