03 June 2005

Off to California...

Well, I am leaving for California in a couple of days (Sunday to be exact). I am not looking forward to the time away from my family (especially my daughter). My daughter is a daddy's girl, and every morning, I wake up to "Daaaddyyy, Daaaddyyy". It is really sweet. And she hasn't woken up with me not there - for 6 straight nights!

Farmers is sending me out to CA for a week to learn how to better market my insurance products, and how to run my own agency. That part is going to be interesting, yet at the same time, I already have an idea since my parents have had an agency for 18+ years. Anyway, it is a requirement to go and I will definitely make the most of it.

Now for my business plug (since this is my page and all...):

David Dickey, agent/registered representative
Farmers Insurance and Financial Solutions
Helping you achieve your dreams while saving you from your nightmares

I offer personalized, caring service, to go along with my insurance (auto, home, life, business, recreation, etc.) and investment (variable annuities, variable life, and mutual funds) products . I would love to compete for your business (if you live in Texas).

Anyway, please pray that my trip would go by quickly and that I would return safely. And that I would learn a lot...

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