07 August 2009

Movie Grill

So I realize that the blog has been a little James heavy lately so that seems like the perfect reason to tell you about Miss Kirstyn!
Last night and early this morning Kirstyn (with a little 'forced' labor from James) has been setting up our dining room for a "Breakfast Show". She had puppets and stuffed animals all over in a very organized chaos.
My special chair was right beside her stuffed dog Kia. Notice Kia is sitting at a table with a drink. Yes, Kirstyn worked very hard to make her show much like the Studio Movie Grill where she and I often go on dates! I though this was a very smart set up!
Her puppet show was fabulous and James was in stitches! David and I were laughing too but more at James and his reaction to his sister's puppet show! And we kept noticing more and more details all around the room! Her cabbage patch had a bowl and bottle... and many more!
Speaking of Movie Grill time... I am so excited to be going tonight with some ladies from my Sunday school class to see the new movie Julie & Julia! I won't be eating there because my weight is steadily going in the right direction right now, but I think a Girl's Night Out is just what I need!
Are you excited about this movie too? I mean food + blogger = perfect subject matter for me!!!
Have a fabulous weekend!


Unknown said...

have fun, I want a full review of the movie...or just a yeah it was good or it sucked. :)

sometimes I feel like my blog is weighted (haha) with more Bubba stories...not sure why that is other than he is a handful on so many levels. :)

Sab said...

Have a great time! A girl's night out sounds fab!

Emmett said...

First time seeing your blog, nicely done!

Juice said...

I want to see that movie too!