24 August 2009

Kindergarten and more...

It seems like just yesterday we were sending her off for her first day of mother's day out and now my BABY is a mature KINDERGARTNER!

This morning went very smooth. James took it upon himself to wake Kirstyn up. I heard him come out of his room and then David went to look for him. He was no where to be found. I told David to check Kirstyn's room.... and there he was! He was in her bed under the covers with her telling her "no tool sissy, no tool". Apparently all of our talk about her going to school worried James. Anyway, she was patting his hair and telling him she was going to love Kindergarten and that he would love preschool at her old school. So grown up and so sweet. David and I thought we might have to have her give us a pep talk too.

After breakfast, Kirstyn wanted to pose by the front door with Daddy. Then we sat together and prayed that she would have a great day.

David took Kirstyn to school. She was very excited. When her teacher asked her to come in the classroom and sit on the letter mat. Kirstyn made sure she sat on the "K".... the best letter, of course.

We took these pictures at "Meet the Teacher". Kirstyn was very excited about having her very own grown up locker. She was also excited to find this pink scarf in the home center and was even more pleased that her teacher wanted to wear it too! We love her teacher and KNOW that she is going to have a fabulous year!

I picked Kirstyn up from school this afternoon and she was super excited about her GREAT day! One of her friends from the gym childcare was even in her class..... I am excited about that because I have been getting to know her mom! Yeah for new friends for both of us!!!

We have a tradition of going for ice cream at Braum's after her first day of school. This was our 4th ice cream date since she did 3 years of mother's day out. We had a great time talking about her day and her many new friends. Yes, I enjoyed my favorite low fat frozen yogurt... cappuccino chunky chocolate! Yum.

In other news, my mom's doctor appointment went well. He did an ultrasound of her heart and said it looks good. He thinks that her blood pressure medicine caused the problem and he is changing that. To be safe she will be doing a stress test with contrast as soon as they can get it scheduled. She plans to return to work tomorrow. Please continue to pray for her.

Tomorrow we have James' "Meet the Teacher". He wants to go to "tool" but he really wants to go to "sissy's tool" so hopefully he will be happy with going to the preschool that Kirstyn loved for the past 2 years!



Gretchen said...

I had no idea the Cappucino Chocolate Chunk was low-fat yogurt. That's what my daughter gets every time. She loves it!

Great pictures! Hope Kirstyn continues to love her new school!

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

What a great first day for her! And the pep talk she gave her brother, how priceless :)

So glad to hear about your mom, will continue to pray everything is all right!

Cheryl said...

how wonderful!!! Such exciting times and she is just beautifully happy! Here's to a great year of school!

Unknown said...

awe YAY!!!!
So glad she enjoyed her day.

Bubba did too!

Jaimee said...

She looks soooo happy! Congrats on your kindergartner!

Sab said...

So cute! Must be hard to see her grow up like that! And I had a major 'aww' moment reading about what her lil brother did... aww.

Unknown said...

Yay to Kirstyn for a wonderful first day! And a locker?? Wow, that is SO grown up!

And James, what a sweet little brother! :D

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