29 June 2009

Momma, hellll me... PWEESE!

So, I have to know.... Do any of you have this little Rotten Ronnie's Happy Meal toy? (Thanks Kami....thanks to you that is what David and I have been calling McD's for a while now!)

I know, I really have all but banned fast food, but last week my kids had happy meals, not once but twice! Agh, it adds to my ongoing case of Mommy guilt. Anyway, it was a hard week with VBS in the mornings and David's dad having what was supposed to be day surgery on Thursday but turned out to be much more extensive than planned. He actually got out of the hospital today but your continued prayer is appreciated.

Anyway, thanks to one of those happy meals, this little guy joined our family. He is one of my favorite characters from Ice Age and James just loves him. I am, however, not as in love with the little guy.

These pictures are not the best because I was too lazy to get my real camera took them with my iPhone. But can't you just see the love that James has for him in this first picture?

Oh and in the second picture can you see the drool running down James' chin? That is because he is making a noise that sounds like "shhhhh shhhhh shhhhhhhhkkkkk" right before he fires the acorn at me! You see, he has a tiny button on his butt that makes him shoot his acorn across the room! James is grinning at the thought of inflicting pain on me! Good thing it doesn't actually hurt because James has gotten very good at shooting it across the room with precision!

What I love about the toy is the endless amounts of laughter that James has enjoyed because of this little squirrel and his "nut nut".

What I loath about this little toy are the 546 times yesterday afternoon that I heard "Momma, helllllllll me." Because they made this little guy very difficult to reload. James is getting better at it, but still today ALL DAY I have been hearing, "Sissy, hel pweese", "nut nut, oh nooooo, nut nut", and "Momma, helllllll me".

I wouldn't trade the deep belly laughs coming from my kids for ANYTHING right now, no matter how poorly designed the toy is!

So, what toy is in your house that your kiddo loves so much that you can't bring yourself to get rid of it but don't feel too bad about hiding it on occasion either?!?!?!?



Alicia said...

this is seriously lol funny to me. i have SOO been there with (loving/hating) a few of Alex's toys. And James' expressions are priceless!

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

Hee, hee, Rotten Ronnie's has a nice ring to it, eh? I was shocked that y'all had never heard that before, it must be a Canadian quirk.

And the toy, um, would have to be the MEGAPHONES my in-laws got each of the boys (yes, one each).

Love my in-laws.

Gretchen said...

Dude, I just today threw away 2 of those squirrel toys. Had I known I'd have saved it for you, I mean James, to enjoy!