28 January 2012

Faith of a Child

I love how my kids get these crazy ideas and dreams in their heads and get so excited that they don't even notice all of the obstacles.  James has been watching and helping Kirstyn and I make some t-shirt scarfs for her to sell for the Imagine 320 project at church and he has been helping me around the house to earn money for his 320 Piggy Bank.  I've enjoyed all the extra help getting the clothes out of the dryer just by planting a dime or penny or two per load.   

Well, today on the way home, James saw a coke can on the side of the road.  He screamed at me to stop the car... he wanted to jump out and get it and ride the rest of the way home in the back of the 4Runner.  He starts telling me all about how when he was at Pappy's (my dad) house, he got to run down the dirt road picking up yucky cans, throwing them in the back of the truck, and then ride on the tailgate until they saw another one.  Then he tells me how when Pappy gets lots and lots of cans he sells them for money...  He needs to do that too for his Piggy Bank cause sissy is selling shirt scarfs! 

I told him he couldn't ride around in the back without his car seat and seat belt in the city of Arlington, but that I could do a post on Facebook asking our Arlington friends to save their cans for a week or so.  Then, we could collect them from their houses and I would take him to the scrap metal place and he could make his money for his bank.

I'm so thankful to Jesus for trusting David and I with these kids.  So glad that they continue to dream BIG!  Now, I'm Imagining ALL of the BIG things Kirstyn and James will do that have an ETERNAL impact! 

Eph 3:20


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3 Girls and a Daddy said...

Very cool! I will start saving our cans although we do not have many around here ;).