17 March 2011


Well, hello Blog Land! It has been so long since I logged into my blog, I was actually shocked that I remembered my password. Much has been going on at our house and well, life has just gotten in the way of my blogging.... and my reader, well, lets just say that I am terrified to even see how far behind I am. I am sure there will be a "mark all as read" day in my near future!

Some changes:
David resigned from his job as an insurance agent and we sold our business to his mom.
I went to work part time for my Mother In Law
Kirstyn started 1st grade!
Things got VERY stressful when David could not find a job and was unemployed for 7 months!
The Gold's Gym I was working out in and teaching Body Pump at, closed with NO notice (and still owes me payroll that I never expect to see).
I found a Body Pump class to teach at the Downtown Fort Worth YMCA.
I've gained 15 lbs and have to get myself under control ASAP.
I MISS my gym "family".
David found a job that he LOVES.
He works 11 and 12 hour days, when you add in commute, there are days that he doesn't even see the kids.
I'm overwhelmed more often than not, so if you pray.... please think of me.



Alicia said...

I SO understand where you're at and I'm sorry! Hang in there- the new routine will come... And I will definitely be praying for you guys as you transition!

Cheryl said...

those are some major changes...life throws a curveball sometimes, the fact that you recognize the stress is great and I'm thinking you are well on your way to flying through this challenging stage..and will see it as a growth spurt!!
Will think of you often and enjoy teaching that body pump!

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

Girl, those are big changes! I didn't know the gym closed so quickly, how sad since you were enjoying teaching so much. Glad you were able to find another class.

Hang in there, it sounds like you have weathered the worst!

Thinking of you!

xiaohu110129 said...
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