17 May 2010

Fat Self to Skinny Self

Have you been watching The Biggest Loser?

Last Tuesday night it was the episode where the now thin contestants watch a video that they made for themselves when they first began this weight loss journey. It was pretty emotional for the contestants to actually see how far they had come. I was watching wondering why I never bothered to make a video for my future self. I think I never made the video because I never actually believed that I would ever lose the weight and keep it off.... yet here I am weighing less than I weighed in the 5th grade. And even more exciting than that, I am a certified Body Pump instructor. Wonder what challenge I will take on next?

Oh and my other Biggest Loser comment.... Why will they not buy those women decent sports bras. They have them running sprints on the treadmill and their boobs look like they might knock them out any minute. Ridiculous!!!

Thoughts? Do you wish some version of your past self had made a video for your future self? Maybe I will make one now to watch in 5 or 10 years...



Dawn Mabry said...

I LOVE that episode of the BL every season. It puts me to tears b/c I think back to when I was fat and I wonder what I would have said to myself. To be honest I probably wouldn't have said much b/c at the time I never thought I could be where I am now.

I am SO WITH you on the sports bras. That drives me crazy. They need to buy them those Enell bras that I hear so many good things about and maybe 2 of them to wear at a time.

How are things going for you? Did you get body pump certified yet? Are you teaching anything?

Cheryl said...

I sob on that episode every time...also the makeover one! I am so motivated by these people and what they are doing to get healthy...hard not to be inspired!

While I have remained within 20 pounds of my high school weight, I should have taken more pics of me with less muscle, it's amazing what you can do to your body with weights!
GREAT work on the body pump certification, having done the class here I know how hard the class is, never mind teaching it!!!
Maybe a half marathon in your future?

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

I watched that episode and I was a sobbing mess. It is so inpiring and I love it!

I have some photos that make me realize how far I've come. It's crazy good!

Unknown said...

i'd like to make a skinny video...but I guess that would mean I think I'm going to gain that weight back again.

Anonymous said...

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