06 December 2009

Special Visitor

Tonight for the very first time the tooth fairy will be making a stop at our house!

Kirstyn is beyond excited about finally losing her first tooth!

James was way too funny after I pulled Kirstyn's tooth for her. He ran over to David and said, "MINE OUT TOO!" and then threw his mouth open. Silly boy is afraid of nothing! Hopefully, it will be a while before the tooth fairy needs to visit his room!

Here's a picture of Miss Kirstyn without her bottom tooth! The other picture was taken this morning before church. Kirstyn wanted her picture taken in her new dress and then James went running over there and said, "hold my hand sissy". Too cute. Oh and no, I didn't zip his sweater up like that... he did. It is either all or nothing with that boy in more ways than one!



Cheryl said...

What a great milestone so close to christmas!!! What is the going rate for the tooth fairy these days anyways? I heard it's $2 PLUS a toy...
A toy?
She looks so happy....

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

The first one is so much fun, just look at the excitment in her face. And James, what a character!

And I am with Cheryl, the Tooth fairy has gone crazy. We do $2 but NO TOY. There should be universal rules on this stuff. Some kids get $5!! Are you kidding me!

Ps been missing you around these parts, hope all is well and you are busy in the real world!