12 May 2007

Pink Ladies Soccer!

Kirstyn just completed her first organized sports experience! She played a 4-game season with the Pink Ladies. It was a league for 3-5 year olds on our church's soccer/baseball fields. She really enjoyed it... However, her favorite part was snack and story time! We went 4 Saturdays in a row from 11 to 12. The first 20 minutes was practice, then a ten minute Bible Story and Snack time, followed by a 30 minute game. We made major progress from crying through most of the first game because there was only one ball and they weren't sharing to playing like a pro! She really played hard in her last game and got in there and worked to get at the ball. I enjoyed taking pictures of the girls. New friendships were formed and we all had a great season....oh and 4 games was just the right amount of commitment for this age group!

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